Of late, of course

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Happy Tuesday – golf day!

Random things…

I finally finished the behemoth ‘New York’ – it took me 2 weeks!

On the week-end, William and I golfed on Friday night, and Kim, Jim and I golfed on Saturday (William had a tourney), then we headed back to our house for some apps, cocktails and cornhole. Finally I won. Finally!

Really trying to get a lot of golf in, as the end of the season is in sight! No! I’m golfing tonight with Kim in our league, then meeting up with a friend who along with her husband (Bill’s fan) is coming with us to Cleveland in September.

Work has been so easy lately (with the boss man away so much). We have a team meeting tomorrow, so I’m sure that will result in ‘back to the real world’ work level. I’m due. It’s all good.

I’m going to walk the dogs now, so they’re not so crazy when I leave them this afternoon and night with MomG. William worked until 11:15 last night, and is expected to work long hours again today… ugh, poor guy.

That’s it – nothing exciting. Life’s good.


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