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In the last 5 days I haven’t got much work done.

Is that okay? It is summer afterall. It was our long week-end afterall.

Friday night William and I golfed (with cart) in the blistering heat. Hot hot seriously hot. Fun, but hot. So hot that nobody was there and they cancelled the band! Today is hot, yesterday was hot (I golfed with some ladies – but not Kiki, as she’s in TN –  walked, only made it thru 15 holes when the blessed rain came…) tomorrow: hotter, Friday: hotter still. How hot? HAWT. Balls hot. Mid to high 90’s creeping into the 100’s with high humidity. But really, I don’t mind so much, just making conversation…

We went to Port Stanley and stay 2 nights. It was a great house (they just bought it) located 2 blocks from the awesome beach, and 1 block from the liquor store, and within 3 blocks of about 8 bars. Yeah, that’s good.

What a great little party town – not as crazy as Grand Bend – a bit of an older crowd. Great times. Ever hear of ‘Lord Stanley’s Cup’? Same dude the town is named for. Lots of cool history there. Loved it.

Monday we arrived home and despite being Canada’s birthday, William had to go into work. Boo. I planned on working online, but the computer was dead. No lights, no nothing. William fixed it when he came home – so I did a few things around here and hung out with the pooches.

Speaking of work – my little jobby pays quite fair, but really it’s part time. William however has been working a ton – and hard – and in this crazy weather (if it’s 95 outside, how hot is it in an elevator shaft? Yikes!). I feel so bad for him. I’ve been making efforts to make sure his time at home is easy, but he is so busy at work right now, and that can’t be helped. He’s working super late on Thursday night, doing an inspection then instead of Friday, so he can take Friday off. He and a few elevator guys are going golfing – he deserves it!

Tuesday we had terrific storms in the morning (helping our brown crispy grass only slightly – the storms were supposed to end by noonish), and I planned on working all morning online, but the storm fried out modem/router – so no work for me! I was able to organize my laptop, copying all my pictures onto a stick (and into the safe), dumping a ton of files, doing a couple of things for my mom, and of course entertaining the dogs.

Don’t worry, I made up for the work I missed today, but random power outages keep screwing with me, and I have to keep resetting the modem! Annoying when one works online.

That’s it. Life is exceptional.


One thought on “Let me explain

    GOM in Oklahoma said:
    July 4, 2012 at 9:32 pm

    I can’t even remember the last time I was off work for “America’s Birthday” … so I can relate.

    Just remember to blink completely in all that heat!

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