Before I get sucked into doing something else

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I plan on blogging everyday. Really, I do. I just usually start doing something else, then next thing I know it’s time for bed.

So, before I start on my next project (I have a few things to do this afternoon), I thought I would point form my recents.

– Played in a golf tourney in Ridgetown on the week-end. It was fairly awesome, although all four of us golfed poorly. William and I had an adventurous drive home: opting to stop in at two dive bars. Fun!

– I am again, like every summer, making an effort to enjoy it. Enjoy the heat, the sun, the dogs, the pool, the gardening, the golf, friends, food and all the delights that only occur for a few short months. Even as I type this I am outside on our patio. Beautiful day, mid 80’s, low humidity, and breezy. (William is golfing) I am sporting crazy pool hair and a wet butt from swimming. Awesome, love it.

– I’m working a lot, but got my first ever, real bonus! Woo hoo! Completely unexpected and not necessary, but still super cool.

– I totally keeping up in the patio area and the garden with weeding. Last year with my jobby, I really slacked: I simply didn’t have the time. This year, despite my increase in work load , the patio area and veg garden is looking great! Yay me.

– The skin on the bottom of my big toe (s) has decided to scrap off. I think it’s because I walk around a lot barefoot (especially on our small patio). It’s insane how much a few layers of skin can hurt a person.

– My back is better. Not perfect. Monday was not good, but it was fine last night for golf. Whew! I hope I’m over that!

– This week-end we’re golfing Friday afternoon (William worked until 11pm on Monday, so he can scam out a bit early today and Friday). There’s going to be music at the clubhouse and of course a great dinner. Saturday we’re dropping off the pooches and venturing to Port Stanley (about 2 hours away) to stay 2 nights with William’s cousin and his girlfriend, who just bought a new house. Port Stanley is pretty awesome, and it should be quite fun. There will be some Canada Day festivities and good times.

– Better go.

– Life’s good.


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