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I’ve been on the computer almost all day – but I’ve committed myself to write a post (I haven’t even had dinner yet and it’s 8:30pm!) – so… you’re welcome (just kidding of course, it feels good to write and get this stuff out of my brain.

Point form is a good form.

– Went to TN and back with Kiki. Had good times, fun times, golf times, party times, shopped, and did stuff around the house. Finished a couple of projects that have been bothering me for almost a year! Yeah me.

– My back is brutal. Sciatic pain is really starting to get on my nerves! It effects my golf game immensely and not for the good!

– I’m done the pond. Thank Jebus. What hell that was. Seriously I’m quite pleased with myself – I’ll post pics once I finish grouting the small patio area near the pond.

– Still so much to do – massive picky tubering (probably not a word) completely overtook the raised bed where the asparagus grows. I’ve tried digging, I’ve tried pulling – now I’m going to try a careful application of the equivalent of a nuclear spay to kill kill kill them! (Bought in the States, so it should work – Canada stuff is all natural AKA – Sucks and isn’t effective) More weeding to do around the hard (hate weeding in the areas of clay – bah!). Fun stuff to do like put out the bird feeders, plant pretty pretty flowers, etc. Saving the pretty stuff for last so I stay motivated!

– Ack. I wouldn’t say I’ve been ‘slacking’ at my job, but man I got a wake up call in the form of an email from our marketing company. Yikes! I was busted out on all types of things I’m not doing… combine that with the ‘new guy’ (great guy) going to a social media seminar and giving me a list of a bunch of other stuff to do (all excellent, completely relevant tasks) and f-balls – I have a LOT of work to do. Just throw on that I need to create a ‘system’ for my job (so essentially I could hand my system off to anyone on the street and they could do my job) – important in case something (ACK!) happens to me, but also so we can package that to our clients (uh, we do business development in case ya didn’t know).

– Did you read above? That’s a LOT of work – just want to make sure you know.

– Husband is good. Dogs are good. Some people suck. MomG is on vacation in Tennessee, and awful awful awful – her brother dies a day after she arrives. There is a small memorial service tomorrow that William is attending (2.5 hours away!) – I don’t think I’m going with. (guilt? probably

– My mom turned 70 on Monday. Wow. Crazy. Here’s a cute pic of her when she really young – and a picture of her granddaughter (one of my nieces) – they look a bit alike!










– Life is good. Really, honestly, truly good. Satisfying, happy, contented fun life. It’s just the sciatica is killing me!


One thought on “Random and lately

    GOM in Oklahoma said:
    June 14, 2012 at 9:14 pm

    Yeah, it’s hell getting old …

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