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I’m really good at keeping up on reading blogs, just not so great on writing blogs… oh well.

So, William is gone to Indiana golfing this week-end (it’s Victoria Day Week-end!) and I just got back on the 9th, and during that week, we spent exactly one night hanging out together! Weird for us! Between my golf, his golf, a birthday outing and a meeting – we haven’t seen much of each other this month, as he came home from Tennessee the day before I left for Pennsylvannia! AND – He comes home on Monday night and I leave for Tennessee about a week later.

My time in PA was very good – hard to explain, but very good in several ways. Good for me. Good for job. Good for everyone. Good to see the place that my ‘boss’ disappears to at least once a month!

What else… my golf game is doing pretty good – until 2 days ago when my nephew and I were hitting balls into the field, he crushed my driver and the head flew off. Rats. I don’t know if it’s repairable. It’s at least 6 years old – absolutely ancient according to some (I think William’s had 2 new drivers since I got that one…), so I could use a new one, but I like my old one… hm..

Golfing tomorrow with Kikipants and Jim. Should be fun.

Trying to get a million things done around here before I leave for TN on the 30th… Veggie garden, paint the wood frames of 3 doors (why are they wood?), stain the trellis that never got done last year, as I begged William to spare the plant growing on it for the hummingbirds’ sake (got that done), completely rebuild the pond (it’s only like a foot square, but still a TON of work) – ugh, and clean out and refill the spaces in between the flagstone on the patio… Once all these things are done I’ll be on easy maintenance street! Can’t wait!

Well, I’m positively beat. Been a really busy last few days. Time to watch a few DVR’d shows and turn off my brain.

Life’s good. Thanks for reading. 


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