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I’ve been meaning to blog about many exciting things for the last few days, but I haven’t. Maybe because nothing exciting has happened.

This is what’s going on:

– William is in Tennessee. The weather there is perfect for golf. I am here and the weather here is certainly not. Boo! Today was a balmy 45* with wind. Luckily I had the forethought to pick the asparagus in our garden before they froze. Whoopee! (that was kind of sarcastic btw)

– The local guy from our town who won the chance to play in a PGA event by winning the reality show The Big Break competed in New Orleans this week and didn’t make the cut. Boo. The good news is that after experiencing a tour event, he is now more determined than ever to play at that level. Awesome!

– Pretty happy with the NFL draft (which I did not watch 16 hours of like I did previous years). I was told their new RB will make me forget Hillis ever existed. That’s cool. Also with the schedule released, I’m pretty certain of the dates of the games we’re going to see – yeah! So that’s good, but trust me… I want from now until then to pass slooooow. It’s just the start of golf season silly!

Hm… what else… I’ve actually been quite productive in the last few days. I’ve done my taxes for the first quarter, normal work stuff, special work stuff, free stuff I don’t get paid for, (but hey, occasionally I’m nice like that) golf league stuff, house stuff, walking the pooches, and I’ve been out golfing with Kikipants a couple of times (of course it was windy!). I’ve also made some fabulous meals for myself (when William is gone I either eat great, like bagel and lox, asparagus risotto, broccoli and cheese stuffed chicken, or terribly boring like oatmeal and Lean Cuisines), and drank all our vodka. Boo.

I wonder what I meant to blog about this week? Hm… I guess that’s all for now. Life’s good. 

Shank and Halia think life is good too…


3 thoughts on “This week

    GOM in Oklahoma said:
    April 29, 2012 at 3:51 pm

    Re the NFL draft …

    The Browns took Brandon Weeden, QB from Oklahoma State!

    I HOPE they traded for or drafted some decent offensive linemen to protect him. He’s a great passer, but he’s 28 and not really a scrambler. Kind of in the Peyton Manning “fall back and let the linemen do their job until someone gets open” style. If The Browns didn’t get any linemen, I hope they keep McCoy as their starter for another year. He’s from Texas, so no one cares if he gets creamed …

    I know you are an avid watcher of CBS Sunday Morning … did you see it today (29th)? That prairie dog town they showed at the end is about 25 miles from my house.

      LG responded:
      May 4, 2012 at 11:34 am

      I didn’t realize that Weeden was from OK – why is he 28? I don’t get it! If he starts, he will get creamed – The Browns definitely lack a protective offence

      That’s super cool about the prairie dog preserve near your place – I took a pic for you!

        GOM in Oklahoma said:
        May 4, 2012 at 5:05 pm

        Why is he 28? Because he is … 28 …

        He got drafted to play pro baseball out of high school as a pitcher, so he signed with the Yankees. He played minor league ball for several years, but never really developed and then hurt his shoulder, so he went to college. Since he’d never played in college (any sport) and had never played pro football, he still had NCAA eligibility.

        He’s actually older than Aaron Rogers, lol.

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