In the pursuit of fitness…. sort of

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This week’s weather has been rather crap-tacular. Cold, windy – boo!

Kikipants and I made it out golfing on Wednesday afternoon – kind of a last minute decision, as the day was turning out to be too nice not to golf. It did happened to be the same day that I took the dogs for a super duper long walk at Point Pelee National Park – so between that 8 kms and walking 18 holes pulling my clubs I really got my fitness on.

Shank got his 40* F water temperature swim on.

My friend (and former blogger, BMW) recommended a free app for tracking calories burned and consumed – it’s so cool, a little addictive, and the perfect gadget (oh goodness!) to keep me in check.

Why do I need to keep in check you may ask?


Seriously I blame those tasty (I prefer salted!) nuts for me gaining a significant amount of weight over the winter. I ‘heard’ they were low in calories – compared to what? Jeez! I’d crunch on them almost every night, as opposed to chips or the like, thinking it was okay. It was not okay! Plus the best accompaniment to pistachios is of course Pepsi… arg…

So anyways, I gained weight over the winter (usually I lose weight!) – now what. None of my golf clothes fit! ACK! Hence, a recent (very recent) re-dedication (if you’re remembering my New Years resolution post – save it!) of sorts (I’m not giving up all the fun stuff ie: booze and snacks!). I just need to move more.

This handy dandy little app (My Fitness Pal) has a million food choices which one can ‘add’ as well as exercises (hell yes cleaning the house is an exercise!) and the goal is (obviously) to stay below the allotted calories for the day.

So yesterday and today I took Shank (you should know by now that Halia spends the week-ends pampered at MomG’s) to the Chrysler Greenway. I love the Chrysler Greenway, but am too lazy to write about it, so check it’s awesomeness out here.  Note the importance of Hiram Walker – of course!

Shank loves the Greenway too, (mostly he loves going off the Greenway) Sometimes (especially if it’s nice – nice being above 50*F) it’s pretty busy. Today wasn’t bad, and I even discovered a little ‘offshoot’ that we followed for about 1km – too cool!


There are cool signs of abandon, (but not nearly enough in my opinion)

Lucky number seven?

I’m looking forward to going back to the Greenway this week to discover the other off-shoot to the trail. I only wish it didn’t take me 15 minutes to drive to the Greenway (lucky BMW has the path literally in her backyard!)

Of course life is good…


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