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I don’t know know if this fantastic weather is a good thing or not…

I’ve been busting my butt the last few days inside and outside the house. I normally would be just focused (and probably close to done by now!) on just the inside, but when it’s 80*+ outside, of course I’m pulled that way.

I feel almost frantic, trying to get things done. That’s not a good feeling. I should be feeling ahead of the game – as normally not a thing is done outside until at the earliest the very end of March, or early April – never this early. But this good weather means golf courses are open early (like now!), except ours (boo!) – and there are patios to be sat upon and drinks to be consumed…

I also feel a bit, ‘ARG!’ as I’m going stateside with some besties Friday night for retail and dining therapy – so there goes two days (although they will be great days!). Plus I’m headed back to Florida on the 2nd and will be gone 3 nights.

So anyways – life is good. Time to get started on my day!


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