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Last night we ventured to PDF’s for dinner (I had a meeting first with he and Jen). It was nice, and TOL joined us for some after dinner drinks. Although we drove separately (I mentioned the meeting, right?) we arrived home at almost the same time, and I could hear William scolding (yelling, threatening death really) at Shank from inside my car inside the garage.


It appears Shank in his four hours without adult supervision (Halia we’ve determined is a useless babysitter) Shank thought his time well spent by pulling at a loose string in the carpet on the bottom stair. No biggie really, but pulling at that one string for several hours resulted in one very long string (like 2 inches by a foot and a half) of carpet missing from our bottom step.

So that’s just awesome.

A little while ago PDF called to talk to William. Apparently when William left PDF’s last night (in his brand new fancy F-150) he knicked the neighbour’s car with his bumper and they would like compensation for said dent. I was standing right there when he left (me a minute behind) and didn’t see or hear anything, neither did he – but I guess PDF and Jen did. Humf!


I’ve decided we’re no longer going to friends’ houses for dinner. From now on everyone comes here. Oh, and better him knick a vehicle than me!

He was mad, not now he’s not.


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