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What a miserable Monday. It rained and hailed and now it’s pouring again. I’m surprised we still have a satellite signal… I’m so glad I got the dogs out for a walk before the nastiness struck!

Yesterday Kikipants and I golfed at Seven Lakes (our course has been closed for a month!) and it was windy. Really really windy. It was so windy it was laughable. My bag blew over twice. Kiki’s pull cart ran away on her, spilling her precious ‘coffee’. Kleenex were ripped from our hands and within moments 2 holes away. Round objects don’t stay still in that kind of wind (including golf balls). It was so windy it was stupid to be playing, which made it even more fun.

The really funny thing is I golfed like a rockstar (if said rockstar is a pretty good golfer). The course is a little easier than we’re used to, but even with the poor conditions I still shot a 41 on the back (36 is par) and had 2 birdies! Not too shabby, and Kiki golfed really well too.

After golf we went to a nearby sports bar to catch some football scores and watch a bit of the Lion’s game. The good and drinks were fab, and we had a great afternoon/evening out.

Speaking of football – despite some really stupid picks, (like taking Tampa to beat Screwston!) I won William’s shop pool. That’s right $60 all for me. I should probably let William keep it, as he does pay my $10 entry every week! Ha! Rats!

Life’s good.

Funny. Also funny because I sloppily stuck the heads of two of my friends in the pic. Ha.



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