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While my normal Sunday generally consists of watch CBS news Sunday morning, having a big breakfast made by William (preferably bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato on cheese bagel), watching FOX NFL pre-game, whatever football game on a 1pm (and usually flipping back and forth between FOX and CBS), then going to MomG’s for dinner where we watch more football – today instead I’m going golfing with Kikipants. Can’t get the Cleveland game in anyway… Could have been at this game – My friend Nic won a draw in Cleveland when we were there in September, she had her choice of prizes and picked a signed Joe Thomas framed thingy, but could have picked 2 tickets for today. I’m happy with her choice… 😉

It’s supposed to be around 60* today, but windy. There is supposed to be a significant drop in temperature coming tomorrow, so I feel I have to take advantage of this last bit of good weather and hit some balls.

Other going ons:

I can’t believe we leave for Phoenix in a month! Crazy!

We went to see Puss in Boots last night – it was great. Also of note, we weren’t the only adults in the theatre without kids. Ha! Some poor kids forgot their Kitty Softpaws figure, so now we Puss and Kitty figures residing in the bowl of black sand and white shells appropriately overseeing kitchen activities.

We ate (way too much) at the Keg. It was a fab night out.

I have tickets already bought for first showing of  Breaking Dawn on Thursday night. I’m taking my niece and 2 of her friends. Should be interesting.

Life is good.



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