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Wow, I’m amazed at the stuff I accomplished yesterday. I’d list it, but it wouldn’t mean anything to anyone but me. So…

I still have one issue absolutely plaguing me. The guy who installed the furnace in TN never came back to build the book which covers the ducts which do into the crawlspace of the house. With winter coming and a wide range of critters looking for a place to call home, and water pipes in the crawlspace this little job needs to get done.

I don’t know why he didn’t come back. He was supposed to in later July. I called him when I was down in September and nothing, I never heard back (multiple messages, texts, etc.). It especially pisses me off for the following reasons:

= He had more than a month’s notice of when the job needed to be done.

– I paid him full in cash before he started the job (I’ve known him for about 7 years btw), so he could immediately pay his supplier.

– I was completely flexible and not demanding about when the furnace was installed. His mom was having health issues and he had to cancel out a few days and I was cool with that – as long as the job got done.

– He initially told me they would need to add some cement to the pad as the furnaces now are apparently a different shape then they were 25 years ago. They actually did not need to pour cement. This really cut down in their labour and the number of times they needed to come to the house – thus increasing his profit.

And now… crickets. I don’t want to threaten small claims court or reporting him to the BBB. I just want the freakin box built over the ducts like he said he would do.

It’s a little frustrating too as I’m so far away from the house in Tennessee. Luckily my neighbour is awesome (he’s the one who just did our roof down there…) and will check to see if the job is done. If it comes to it, I can always pay my handy neighbour to build the box. Of course I would pay him, but then send the bill directly to the furnace guy.


Awesome roof pic – actually it just shows the soffits and facia, but still, awesome!


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