Of late

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The last few weeks have been weird to say the least!

Two weeks ago I got a phone call at 9:30 at night that a tree had fallen on our house in Tennessee. Great, just what we needed! I made the decision that the process of a claim would go a lot faster if I was there – so I left ay 8am the next morning.

Lucky (or not, really) the tree didn’t do that much damage. It landed where the roof meets the lattice which was built on 4 X 4 posts. The lattice saved a lot of damage, and although parts of the roof, eaves, and soffits were damaged, it did not affect the inside of the house – whew! I wouldn’t have minded if the damage was worse as we were (are) planning on a totally new roof this fall and the extra insurance money would have helped that cause.  Oh well, something is better than nothing.

I had a huge problem with the insurance adjuster not calling me. One day turned into 5 and I still hadn’t heard anything from them and was getting a little frustrated waiting around the house! I finally got it all settled, the hole tarped up, the tree removed and the clean up done.

Luckily (or not) I had company.

On the Saturday night I ventured to Mitch’s Restaurant and Lounge to watch the Michigan = Notre Dame (that translates into ‘Our Lady’ by the way, haha!)game, and when I left I found a puppy. An adorable, skinny, sweet puppy. It became apparent by the next morning that he was ‘dropped off’.

What to do, what to do… Can’t leave him there – their ‘Humane’ Society is so overwhelmed there that they don’t even try to adopt the dogs out – so that wasn’t an option. I don’t know enough people there to try to find him a good home. (Although I did meet some awesome dog parents, but they couldn’t take him in). I pretty much made the decision right away that he was coming home with me. I named him ‘Shank’.

We can’t keep him. So sad, because we absolutely love him, and our dog Halia is really warming up to him.

With Halia’s recovery going well from her tearing of the ligaments in both her rear legs last year, we can’t risk her hurting herself again playing with Shank like she does.

He is such an awesome puppy. I’m really going to work on getting him a good home when we get back from Cleveland this week-end. More about ‘Shank’ later.

Yes! This week-end is the Cleveland – Miami game! Woo hoo! It’s going to be great! (MomG has Halia and MomM has Shank) There are 2 parties plus dinner on Saturday, then tailgating (with our Browns Backers group) before the game. Can’t wait for the game! Go Browns! It’s going to be awesome.

Well, more later! Life is good.


2 thoughts on “Of late

    GOM in Oklahoma said:
    September 25, 2011 at 6:22 pm

    You mean you can pick up a stray dog in TN and just drive it across the border into Canada? Hell, you take a dog to Hawaii and it has to be in quarantine for 6 months! (I don’t know if that’s true … but it sounds good).

    LG responded:
    October 3, 2011 at 3:00 pm

    You’re not supposed to bring random animals over the border – I had a whole story ready to go, but the border guard just pet the puppy and asked me why I was gone, where I work, etc… T’was meant to be!

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