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I’ve been staring at this computer all day.

I get so much done on Wednesdays. I don’t work at my jobbie on Wednesdays and William golfs, so it’s my day to catch up on things around the house, post Thursday’s blog for TBT, and random other virtual things.

Tonight, however, William is not golfing. He’s working. Late. He started early. ARG. It bugs me that he is working on a night when he should be having fun. Ah well.

This past week-end was fun fun fun fun. I golfed Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Saw some club members that I haven’t seen in a long while. Won the Club Championship (no, I won’t tell you my score, nor how many women competed, but still I won!), had drinks and fun with friends.

On Friday it was 98*F. Yesterday it never got above 65*. Brr. I feel so ripped off! Where did summer go? What about my long leisurely days by the pool? Rats. It is supposed to warm up, but these last few days prove it is the beginning of the end. Boo.

Good things coming up: the start of football season, more golf, a golf vacation to Arizona, 2 Browns games (1 home on in Arizona), Black Sunday on the DVR, short walks with the pooch – sometimes it’s the little things that make life awesome.

Life is good.


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