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Today, (sorry GOM) felt like a fall day. No humidity, the high temp was only in the 70’s. Summer is flying by, preseason football starts soon! (GO BROWNS!) It makes me thing what I’ve done this summer….

– Golfed. Golfing in a tourney with Kikipants on Monday at Tilbury (never played there before…). Have had fun golfing with several friends and have another tourney in September.

– Worked at the driving range. Not practised – worked. Boo. Ah well.

– Had a few nights on the patio. Sometimes it’s nice just having a drink with William outside on a nice night watching a zillion fireflies.

– Went swimming. Not nearly as much as last year! My mom has a pool next door and I was over nearly every day last year lounging in the sun. This summer I’ve only been over for a few quick dips! Arg!

– Been to the drive in. Fun fun fun – more fun because we slept in the back of the pickup!

– Out with friends. I’ve seen most of my friends at least once this summer. A few more events coming up too.

Well that doesn’t seem like much…

We are going camping in a couple of weeks (woo hoo!), which means the beach, the Bend, the drive in, and general fun times. We might be running up to watch a golf event next week-end.

I really have to start appreciating summer. Before I know it there will be 2 feet of snow on the ground!


One thought on “Recent

    GOM in Oklahoma said:
    August 11, 2011 at 9:38 pm

    I will have you know that as I write this it is 84 degrees outside (not even going to bother converting it for you since you admit not really knowing the difference anyway), and it is raining. Sparse rain that will no doubt be gone in a few minutes, but rain.

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