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I’m sure many of you (all 4 readers of mine) would not consider my great day to be a great day for you…. however it was a darned good day for LG.

Was it because I’m almost done with the online course? Nope. Because I had a super delicious garlicious dinner? Nope. It’s because today I scored my best round of golf ever! Ever!

I shot a 79. Breaking 80 is a big deal for an average golfer such as myself – so I’m beyond pleased. Yes, it would have been nice to have someone special there with me… but William and I never have a good round at the same time, and I could only imagine his score if I shot so well…

Yip yip!

The disclaimer (isn’t there always a disclaimer?) is that I played from the Red tees. Otherwise known as the ‘Ladies tees’ – acceptable right? Afterall I am a lady (loose term, I admit it). However, based on the course rating and slope (I’m not getting into what they are all about) it’s a really easy course from the Red tees, so I usually play from the Gold tees, otherwise known as ‘Senior Men’s’. However, at Lake Tansi (and I’m sure this doesn’t make a lick of sense to any non-golfers, that’s okay, you don’t have to keep reading – I zone out in baseball talk) they recently updated their score card and added another tee – a Green tee (WTF?) which happily resides between the Men’s White and the Gold Senior Men’s tees. I feel like I should explain with a visual… oh well.

The scorecard has always had a rating and slope for the Ladies Red tees and the Ladies Gold tees, which any responsible golfer will use to submit their score to create their most recent handicap. When I looked at the card for Lake Tansi, I noticed there was no rating for the Ladies Gold tees. I asked the pro-shop guy if he knew it, and he informed me, like I’m such huge hack-tacular ignorant novice biatch that ‘it’s all the same. It’s not based on gender. Never has been. A golfer is a golfer is a golfer, doesn’t matter what sex you are… Never was a separate rating for Men’s Gold and Ladies Gold – it’s all the same.’

Really? Really? The women’s rating from the Red tees are (cough, cough, I mentioned that they’re easy right?) 67.1/107. Okay – the Men’s Senior tees are 66.7/110. So apparently it’s only a hair harder for me (a bogey-ish golfer) to have a decent round from the Golds than from the Reds, despite the fact that they are 600 odd yards longer (a major factor for bogey golfers…) AND scratch golfers apparently have a harder time by almost half of one stroke from the Ladies tees… sure Jack Wagon.

So anyways, this guy in the pro-shop is looking at me like I’m from the planet Moron, and I gulp it down because hey, he’s a pro, right? (He’s always worked there as long as I can remember…) So I’m thinking, screw it, I’m playing from the Red tees. I don’t want my handicap artificially inflated because of a bad rating (BTW I can shoot low 80’s from the Red tees, and I have never shot below say an 85 on the Gold tees). Then I am overcome by awesome and on the second nine (I started on the back…) I hit 8/9 fairways and greens and hit the last 6 greens in regulation (pretty darned good as these days I don’t hit a club past 170 – and that’s my driver, my next club is a pathetic 155… I know I know… I need help), still keeping in mind the easy rating of the Ladies Red tees…

Oh, and guess what I found online…

Shocking… a Ladies Gold rating! Oh, and it’s 71.5/117! (makes more sense now doesn’t it… okay maybe not…) oh, and this from another website…

Same thing! (which I’m emailing the pro-shop as soon as I spell check this).

But, maybe I’m way off on my understanding of slope and rating? Maybe male and female golfers are all the same? If I’m wrong, I’m okay with that… but I’ve been seeing differing ratings and slopes on scorecards for years, so someone will have to bust out a pie chart and a laser pointer and explain my mistake.

Possibly the USGA/RCGA/GAO changed the slope and rating criteria and I didn’t get the memo? If that’s the case, please someone let me know. I will readily admit my mistake… and smile because today I shot a 79. Even if from the Red tees… 😉 Life is really good.


2 thoughts on “Happy great awesome day

    GOM in Oklahoma said:
    July 4, 2011 at 10:14 pm


    If it never mattered and “a golfer is a golfer” then why have separate tees at all? Sounds to me like he just didn’t know the answer to your question or didn’t want to answer it.

    Despite the fact that 75% of this I didn’t understand (and I feel the need to drop ERA, RBI, RISP, and other baseball terms) … congrats on a great game!

    LG responded:
    July 5, 2011 at 4:04 am

    Good point about the tees! And, oh, what… I started zoning out… oh, THANKS!! HA!

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