Random observations of a Canadian in America around July 4th

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I have been in TN on or around July 4th before. I remember when I was 20 a girlfriend and I decided to head from my place in TN to Gatlinburg, not realizing it was America’s holiday week-end. It was insane. Crazy busy packed until all hours.

This time I am here solo and although it’s barely dark I can hear 3 sets of fireworks being set off… one sounding dangerously close… me, I’d rather sit outside and look for fireflies (lightning bugs, what have you). Americans love their explosives.

Holy hell – don’t go near a WalMart the Saturday before July 4th. I was nearly trampled near the paper plates, and there was a run on hot dog buns that resembled the the near downfall of Bailey Brothers Savings and Loan.

Everyone is either in town (I’ve seen 2 neighbours that I assumed died in their homes 9 years ago – they probably think the same of the occupants of this house), out of town or has a plan. I’ve overheard so many conversations about bean salad, barbecues, camping and fireworks.

Nothing to do with the holiday, but everyone knows I’m Canadian, and it has nothing to do with the ‘I am Canadian’ tattoo across my forehead. Apparently I say, ‘eh’ a lot. To the cashier at Walmart, the pro at the golf course – everyone asks, ‘where in Canada are you from?’ Then they tell me that they’ve been to Canada once and how lovely Vancouver is… that’s like living in New Mexico and comparing it to Maine fyi.

It’s all good though. There’s some very patriotic stuff going on around here, and that’s nice to see, but of all the rah rah American I see, this little Canadian bit always makes me proud… of course it’s a beer commerical… 😉

Then there’s this too which is pretty funny if you happen to be Canadian and a Trekkie…

Either way, any way – I’m proud to be Canadian… and half American… I won’t say which half… 😉


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