Back to blogging?

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I realize that I haven’t posted anything since our long week-end in May, and now it’s our long week-end in July! Shameful!

Nothing annoyed me more when clicking, ‘new post’ in than reading the first line that said, ‘I know I haven’t blogged in a while…’ and here I am doing exactly that!

It’s not that I haven’t had anything to say! Everyday I think of things I would like to post, but after a day on the computer (as I have mentioned before), often the last thing I want to is write.

I’m currently in TN. Again. I was here about 3 weeks ago with Kikipants. Now I’m back here solo for the purpose of having a furnace installed. I waited all day today (a beautiful day, 82*, no humidity or wind!) for one of the contractors to call me (yes, I’m still cell free and no voice mail in TN, I’m just happy we have internet!). So once again I offer the question: are they contractors because they’re late, or are they late because they are contractors?’ Hm.

Well this waiting around gave me the perfect excuse to take care of 2 projects, and several smaller things on my virtual to do list. Check check check!

I chose to come here alone this week to really focus and take this online course that will help me and give me more validity in my role as a social media strategist. Of course I’m going to golf, do some yard work, things around this house and go shopping – but being here alone allows me the freedom to take care of business on my on schedule without the distractions of my husband (a good distraction), the pooch, our house, and my jobby. Ahh… I’ve already accomplished way more than I expected today, but I have been working since 6am! Nothing better to do while waiting to the furnance guy…

Life’s good.


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