Long week-end goodness

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It’s our long week-end. The unofficial start to summertime goodness. The week-end that you’re allowed to plant your garden and wear white. Ah. (Victoria Day btw)

William is golfing with some friends this week-end in Indiana. I’ve never been to Indiana, so I am a little jealous that he gets to ‘add a state’ to his list and I do not. It’s not like Indiana is far from here. It is the closest state that I have never visited. Thinking of it, I don’t think I’ve ‘added a state’ to my list since 2003 when we landed in Minnesota (yes that counts) on a flight from Vancouver, heading to the D.


Anyway… This is the first time in our marriage that William has been on 3 golf getaways and I have been on none golf getaways! Crazy! He went to TN in the fall, the spring, and now Indiana. The last time I was in Tennessee golfing was last June! Nearly a year! Crazy!

I was so happy to wake up this morning – no BEEP BEEP BEEP. It’s warm, sunny and the world didn’t end. Yes, I acknowledged that fact, then once coffee was made, the computer ready and the TV on did I hear that the world is supposed to end at 6pm tonight. I’m not sure if that is Eastern Standard Time or what? Well if it is EST I’ll be on about 13th hole at Sutton Creek, golfing with PDF. If it’s 6pm Pacific time I’ll probably be eating steak.

The thing I want to know the most is: Does the old guy who made the prediction hope he is wrong? I imagine he being a Christian Fundamentalist, surely he’d prefer to live in God’s Kingdom, at the expense of all us sinners forced to stay here on earth, (or die violently in earthquakes and fires, depending which version of rapture you choose to believe. I guess if I’m on the 13 hole of Sutton Creek I’d have to deal with fire and brimstone, as we are no where near any dangerous fault lines.)

Well, I hope the world doesn’t end, because life is so good.


One thought on “Long week-end goodness

    GOM in Oklahoma said:
    May 21, 2011 at 6:04 pm

    It’s 6pm local time wherever you happen to be – so it’s not like people worldwide will go ‘missing’ all at once … which just sounds weird. And then he’s saying all the bad stuff will happen over the next 5 months, not all at once.

    But since there are no news reports of folks disappearing in Oz, or other places I guess he was wrong.

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