Falling apart

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I saw the chiropractor last week, after receiving a prescription for orthopedic inserts and sandals from my family doctor the week previous. My doctor suspects (although no MRI done) that I have femoral patella syndrome, and I have a sneaking (although completely in my head) suspicion that my knees are bad because my orthodic sandals died in Cleveland August of 2010…

So after my chiropractor fondled (although professionally) my legs for a bit he confirmed that I most likely do have femoral patella syndrome (although no MRI done) in both knees. Funny because it’s also know as ‘runner’s knee’ and a common in athletes! HA! It’s a little odd though, as I rarely feel an ache in my right knee (which crunches going up and down the stairs and pretty much whenever bending it), but I do regularly feel aches in my quiet left knee.

He determined that my outer thigh muscles are too tight (note: not too muscular! Boo!) and my inner thigh muscles are well, in need of strengthening (aka: FAT!). This creates an imbalance which affects how my knee cap moves. Super!

I could (should) go to therapy and learn to wrap my knee to move the knee cap back in the right spot and do exercise to help the imbalance, but I’m opting with the uber lazy option of orthodics. Of course!

He decided to check me out fully, pressing on my lower back in the area I sprained it in April and October of 2008 and yet again in February (although less severely) of 2010. He asked my what I did to my back because as  it was so bad. I am pretty much used to the minor aches and pains I feel in my lower. With me not working, I don’t have to sit up properly or stand for long periods of time, so I am able to make myself comfortable. But jeez! The chiropractor made me realize how bad my back is. Super.

He also noted that I am a bit bow-legged! What? He was surprised I never noticed! Um – no! I never considered myself bow-legged! Well, ‘here’s to swimmin’ with bow-legged women’! He also observed that I have an ‘outward facing gait’. That I knew; my brother Dave tried to beat it out of me as a kid and I still hate seeing my footprints in the snow…

So, in summation I’m bow-legged, with fat inner thighs, a bad back and an outward facing gait! Yeah me! Go Liz!


One thought on “Falling apart

    GOM in Oklahoma said:
    March 17, 2011 at 5:40 pm

    Aging has a tendency to do things like that to you …

    I got “tennis elbow” once, and I’ve never even held a tennis racket in my life!

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