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Well it was quite blizzardy as expected last night, but of course, not nearly as bad as predicted. William spent well over an hour today shovelling the drive, only to declare that he decided to take a snow day. I guess his conscience got the best of him, as he once again was shovelling the few inches it snowed since 9am and the mess at the end of the drive created by the snowplows, and then he decided to go to work. The snow was heavy and block like, and I felt bad for William. I wish the old guy across the road snowblowed us out, but he offered just as William was finishing up… oh well. We have a solid drift in our backyard almost 5 feet high so that’s exciting.

Poochy is still incredibly limpy and is totally restricted to the basement (it’s a walkout). She hasn’t been upstairs at all in two days as she tore the tendon in her right hind leg, just as the tendon in her left hind leg was healing. Super. Poor thing. We’re really babying her – even sleeping in the basement so she’s not lonely. It’s terribly hard seeing her so crippled. Ugh.

I wasn’t planning on going out at all today, but William did such a great job on the driveway there is really no excuse for me not to go into town to purchase a birthday gift for my five year old niece. Her birthday is today and my nephew’s is tomorrow, so we’re celebrating tonight at my brother’s house.

Superbowl is this week-end and we’re expecting a few people over for dinner – it should be a good time. Kikipants and I are going to venture to Kingsville to BMW’s party for an hour or tw0 (it’s tradition really) before dinner. Should be fun.

Not much else to report. Winter sucks, but life is good.


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