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The week-end started off just awful. Poochy, who has been going to the vet at least once a week for several weeks, re-injured the tendon in her leg. She was just starting to walk almost  normally, then all of a sudden she’s whining and crying and carrying her paw up. ARG! I swear after she hurt herself, she looked so sad – like she understood what happened. All that work, time and money spent in her rehab! She could hardly get into the car to go to MomG’s – now she’s back to bed rest. Poor thing. Great.

On Friday a few of us girls were getting together to celebrate our friend Rachelle’s birthday, but I was so sick with a cold I had to beg off. Rats! I was looking forward to a nice dinner out with friends. I guess it was a crazy good time judging by the facebook comments. Rats.

William is on call this week-end, so I guess it’s the best week-end for me to be sick… although I missed Rachelle’s birthday, we have no other plans.

Prime Rib is on sale at Sobey’s, ($4.99/lbs) so William bought a few while he was out on a call, including a 10 lbs. roast for Superbowl. Yeah! Pop is on sale at Zehr’s (never happens the week before Superbowl by the way…) and he picked up about 6 cases! ($6 a case, great price!).

Last night William cooked me hot dogs for dinner (he had left over frozen pizza). We watched a movie we had DVR’d, the SyFy Network Premiere of Mega Python versus Gatoroid, starring Debbie Gibson and Tiffany. Yep, it was as  bad as it sounds. I just wish we were drinking alcohol – it could have been so much more fun!

As a little odd sidenote – I really appreciate the relationship that William and I have. I think many people who have been married for several years are a bit disconnected. William is always very attentive to me, but when I’m not feeling well, he really puts forth an extra effort. There are a couple of nights a week where we do our own things, but I really like the nights we are together, enjoying ourselves as a couple. Anyway…

It’s so strange to have no football on TV this week-end. I’ve watched a bit of golf (also in a fantasy golf league, and not doing too badly…) which is getting me psyched up for the season. If only we knew what was going on with our course (it went bankrupt essentially) – I think it will open this year, but may not have memberships, or leagues. Hmm… Superbowl next week-end! We’re having just a few people over, but it should be a great time.

Today – watch CBS News Sunday Morning, maybe make a good breakfast, read a little, watch some golf, and head to MomG’s for dinner.

Life is good.


One thought on “Week-end

    stevebetz said:
    January 31, 2011 at 12:52 am

    It WAS weird not having any football this weekend! Doesn’t bode well for the long time between February and training camp.

    Oh and prime rib for superbowl?!?! Count me in!! 😀

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