Week-end wrap up

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Although it’s only Sunday (yeah! Love Sundays in football season!) I thought I would recap the week-end.

I didn’t really have any great expectations for a sensational week-end, but perhaps that is what it’s about. So nice to have an unexpected good time sneak up on you.

I found out Friday afternoon that Nick the bartender was coming over with steaks that night. Steaks, vodka bombs, gifts of wine, and a bottle of Crown Royal Extra Rare for William! How generous! We had some good laughs and a good time.

Saturday we (sort of last minute as well) went to the indoor golfing place with a couple of Sutton Creek friends. A couple more friends showed up to watch the big match. I’ll say, I golfed so poorly – I couldn’t make any type of contact. Luckily, (amazingly, really) the two holes when my partner winged one into an unplayable area, I was able to pull myself together and get par to win or tie the hole. That was seriously my only contribution. I think I had more snowmen than pars! Unacceptable! Thank God it’s only indoor golf… I was really disappointed in myself, but  it’s quite different for me hitting a ball off carpet into a screen than the real thing. It was a lot of fun though – a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

I saw an old friend at the golf place – and I had to laugh, the guy is a super golf freak (more than me) and he was wearing an AC/DC shirt – nice to know that something/people never change! I went to go chat with him after our round, but he mysteriously vanished. Again, not surprising of him, although I would have really liked to chat/hassle him a bit.

This week-end was/is bitter, brutally cold with biting wind chills well below 0*F. Weird to be hauling golf clubs around when it’s that cold.

When we finished golfing and having the obligatory post game drinks (3 cheers for Beers Around The World!) William and I were simply starving, so we indulged in Chinese Food Fest 2011, and ate our weight in Chinese goodness.

Today William is sleeping in – the only day this week he has been able to. I’m going to play a little Tiger Woods PGA Golf for PS3… this is my created character who looks a lot like me from the side, but not so much from the front…

… and watch CBS News Sunday Morning (one of my favorite TV shows). I’m going to visit with MomG and pick up the pooch in a bit. We are parking our butts squarely on the couch and watching play-off football this afternoon and evening – should be a great day!


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