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Not much going on in the LG household today. I should return some booze bottles, as the recycle are in the garage is starting to look like we have a problem… I don’t even have to make dinner tonight as we have left over pizza from Saturday night and lasagna from last night (that Billy made, the moms came over…).

Here are our home-made pizzas. This was mine…


And this was Billy’s – mine looks much better, don’t you agree?


Here’s the pooch, abiding the doctor’s orders for bed-rest. Chair rest.

This is the spare bedroom, also known as the room of misfit plants. Yes, that is a tomato plant hanging there. I have issues with tossing out or ignoring perfectly good plants, plus my mother in law bought me that hanging thing…


This is a pile of books I have read (mostly, I noted 2 in there that I started and couldn’t get into. Also random stuff that doesn’t belong to us… a calendar, a shirt, some bowls, that kind of thing.

Exciting so far, no?

This is our compost bin. Trust me when I say it looks better than it smells. I have been quite diligent about composting since last May. It’s great not to have a stinky garbage and earth friendly as I’m not throwing out half full bags of garbage because the smell is so bad. William isn’t too kicky on the composter, but I do see him tossing onion parts in there, so he’s coming around.


Oh, the poor Hawk. Seen by some, hated by most. Although he maintains an important position at the end of our (rather empty) mantel, now he is forced to wear a tail and beanie. It really took him down a peg, and he is certainly looking forward to the beginning of spring when the tail will be attached to a golf bag and the beanie removed.

Here are Halia’s medications and supplements. Poor poochy hasn’t had a normal tasting meal in months!

 I would post a few more riveting pictures, but WordPress isn’t agreeing very well with my uploads, so it is you, my readers that really suffer, (oh, and my patience is a bit thin…)


One thought on “Around the house

    Kzinti said:
    January 17, 2011 at 10:32 pm

    Any pizza is good pizza. LOL. On the farm growing up, we used to have a five gallon bucket for the compost stuff. We’d toss it in chicken pen for them to kick through, peck at and eat. Then we’d shovel out the remains every week along with any poop from the chicken pen and toss that on a pile out by the garden. Every year, we’d take the pile and spread it over the garden before we tilled the ground up. Our garden grew like crazy…

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