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So why am I posting on a Sunday night – you probably aren’t even asking that question, but to know that William and I are huge Survivor fans and should be watching the finale and ultimately the reunion show may provide a little insight.


This was a great week-end. William’s Christmas party was on Friday night at a swank golf club (don’t even get me started on golf clubs right now, that’s a whole other post…) and last night we attended house party. Woot woot. ‘Tis the season.

Tonight William is on call, but at a ‘friends’ house for a black jack party. Oh yes, apparently I was invited, and am in fact so popular and a crowd draw that my attendance was confirmed before the invite was made, but anyways. Instead of being at this party tonight I’m washing my hair… yeah.

I had to do the sneaky ninja fake page to my husband in case he needed a reason to leave. He didn’t really, it sounded like he was having a good time, which am I happy about, I’m even more happy that I’m not there. If I’m not there, there is a significantly greater chance that things can’t be randomly made up about me. I choose not to be gossip fodder.

Yes, tinsy bit evil, well, whatever.

So on with today’s minutia.

Cleveland oh, Cleveland, how you disappoint me. Against Cincinasty? Really? And Miami… at least one of our teams today could have beaten a bottom feeder, but oh no. We’re going to Cleveland on the 1st to see them play the Steelers on the 2nd. Because the play offs are nearly a guarantee for the Steelers I wouldn’t be shocked if Cleveland wins, as perhaps the Steelers plan on ‘saving’ players. Arg! Although I hate Vick with the heat of 10,000 suns I did pick Philly to win this week, so that comeback was appreciated.

I think I’m slightly more ahead of the 50 books in 365 days challenge than I originally thought. I’m pretty sure I just completed book #45, not #44 like I thought. Still a tough row to hoe though.

We’ve finally decided on New Year’s plans and are having a few peeps over for prime rib dinner and perhaps some pop overs for seasonal cheer. Should be good.  Yip.

I still would like to post about our vacation. It was so awesome and seems like a dream now.

Did anyone happen to catch the 60 Minutes (I love that show!) piece about people with super-duper extreme and crazy memory abilities? Wow. Pretty neat stuff. Interesting about the ‘chicken and egg’ questions – are areas in their brains bigger because they have this ability? I’m thinking maybe I need to develop my super powers. (I do indeed have the odd ability to remember where I was the last time I heard a song.) Certainly not a Take Over The World type of power though… hm… I’ll work on flying.


One thought on “Sunday night

    GOM in Oklahoma said:
    December 20, 2010 at 11:16 pm

    I saw that “60 Minutes” story and thought it was interesting. In some ways it would be a beat ability to have, but – you know – there’s an awful lot of things I’d like to forget

    My super-power, btw, is to remember everyone I’ve ever met. Really! I don’t forget names, and I see people often and know I was in fourth grade with them. It’s a drag a lot of the time, because none of them remember me …

    I saw a lot of Survivor this year, but really didn’t get into it. I am glad the guy who won (of those three) won, though.

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