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 Our last full day of vacation was spent disembarking the cruise ship and making our way to Sun Life Stadium. It all worked out perfectly, and we were there by 9:40am! The feel, look and vibe of the tailgating is so much different from Cleveland! It’s much more organized, and less rowdy (I didn’t see a single jersey being burnt, no homosexual pictures of Cleveland’s QB, corn hole was almost non existent, and no beer funnels!).  There is just a huge parking lot filled with fans with the usual team sun shades, barbecues, lawn chairs playing catch.


Looking back I remember thinking that Miami tailgating is much more dignified than Cleveland tailgating… ergo: less fun for LG… It is so weird to be at a game in December surrounded by PALM TREES and the temperature was a lovely 85*!!

But anyways…

It was pure Miami heaven for William, who as you must know has been a Miami fan since childhood (I recently found out that he started liking the Dolphins because he liked watching the actual dolphin do tricks after a touchdown was scored… now isn’t that the cutest thing ever! Then along came Mr. Marino and the rest is history)

Near the main entrance of the stadium there is a large outdoor bar (Land Shark of course) a music stage (some American Idol was there but even better before that was fraternity stepping showdown which I liked) games for charity and the Dolphins mascots (TD and some giant inflatable thing that ‘swallowed me’)


which are incredibly more accessible than Chomps (when I asked to get a picture with Chomps the handler said, ‘Hurry up, Chomps’s gotta go’).

The Team Shop was huge, bigger than Cleveland’s, and better organized. There was nary a parka, but a few mitts and santa hats (we saw shirtless fans wearing just jeans and santa hats… pretty funny). There were literally 2 sweatshirts for sale in the entire store.

I didn’t get harassed at all by Miami fans. There were a ton of Browns fans who always gave understanding looks when seeing me with William in his Marino jersey, one guy even told us, ‘it’ll never work out.’ Ha! Too funny.

We saw this insane fan (we’ve seen him televised before) in the parking lot, then near the stadium, and I asked him to ‘hold my monkey’ (I know that sounds weird, we have these monkeys that have been more places than we have – been doing it for almost 20 years.) At first he didn’t want to as he thought it was a ‘hex’ or ‘Voodoo’. Ha! 


How right he was, as Cleveland won that game! Woo woo!

The stadium was really open, but inside appeared smaller than Cleveland or Ford Field. Our seats were on about the 40, first row upper deck – possibly the best seats I’ve ever had! The view was perfect! Hi Hillis (I’m only adding Hillis in this post, as it’s a better pic than the one I have of Cribby…

What a great way to end a vacation – it was so nice looking forward something after the cruise. I hope that on our next ‘big’ vacation we can somehow seeing a game, perhaps at another stadium…

Strange that before that day I hadn’t seen Cleveland win in person since 2007, and that was against Miami! Anyways, it was a great time

Now, the actual point of this post was to eventually say that yesterday was Kiki’s birthday (I know, I know, what does that have to do with last week-end?) and her annual Christmas party is tonight. William and I are venturing out to Bothwell to hunt down and capture our Christmas tree this morning. (I am getting to my point) When we left the Miami game I had a sore throat and I obviously equated it to yelling at the game. On the flight home the next day I developed a painful cough and when I woke up at home the next morning I felt like someone had parked a hummer on my chest. Ah… respiratory infection… great. I’m not feeling 100%, but am really looking forward to this week-end.

I must say that inserting there is no painless, quick, simple way of posting pictures in WordPress. Terrible! Almost all of the images I just posted had to be dragged into position, as they kept appearing at the top of the post. If not they took out another image. Almost frustrating enough to look into another site…ARG!


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    GOM in Oklahoma said:
    December 11, 2010 at 10:55 pm

    Well, at least you didn’t have to eat spam and pop tarts.

    I have no problems with pictures in WP, as long as I resize each of them to medium. But then, I’m a genius …

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