Happy, funny and sucky

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First with the happy…

Well, obviously if you’re at all tuned into the world of football, you would know that I am an extremely happy football fan this bright Monday morning. The Browns crushed the Pats, who had the best record in the NFL.

When William was reading about the game last night on the ‘net I asked him if the vibe was a) the Browns won because they are good or b) the Pats lost because they were terrible. It’s quite important for me to believe that the Browns won because they played well. Tom Brady apparently stated that ‘they played so poorly anyone could have beat them’. Hm. Screw you Tom Brady – The Browns played well!


Now for the funny…

Someone in Michigan just won 128 million in the Powerball lottery. The ticket was purchased at an adult bookstore.

They were probably just walking by…

Now for the sucky…

I dated a guy (that’s not the sucky part) on and off for about 3 years and I just found out that his oldest brother died yesterday. He would have been about 40. He partied really hard in his 20’s and 30’s and had a liver transplant a few years back and experienced complications, and apparently hadn’t been doing well lately, but I’m not certain of the exact cause of death. He was slightly crazy, and a father (although quite distanced from his kids) of two.

This story is even more super sucky to know that my ex lost his mother about 2 years ago, and a month later his youngest brother (about 21 yrs old)was killed in a hit and run accident. So essentially a family of 6 has been halved in the last 2 years.

Awful. I can’t imagine how the family is feeling right now. Seriously sucky.


One thought on “Happy, funny and sucky

    Kzinti said:
    November 8, 2010 at 5:20 pm

    How terrible for that family. Hope they’ve got some sort of support network of friends to help them through this rough sequence of events. Tom Brady has always been a primadonna. Pffft. And it would be turly funny if the guy would be afraid to collect because his wife would find out what he’d been buying. Of course, with that much cash, he’d just pay her half and be done with it.

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