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Since about May, William and I have been planning to venture down to Florida to see the Browns at Fins, and some other sights and friends. Although we intended leaving ‘sometime’ after American Thanksgiving, our only definite plans were to a) stay in St. Augustine b) see the game and tailgate c) stay and golf with a friend who has a residence there d) end up in Tennessee. It’s pretty big trip, as driving down takes 2 days.

I was looking forward to seeing some sites, taking our time getting down there, spending some serious time with William, and being flexible about where we stay and what we see in general.


William received one of those ‘discount vacation’ emails that piqued out curiosity. Listing among the cruises (we LOVE cruising) was one leaving a week before and returning the morning of the Fin game…. hm… the balcony prices were super low,(like under $100 per person per night) so we started looking into other sites, (including the Carnival site) and also into flights.

Wow. We couldn’t resist! We booked a cruise leaving on the 27th, and returning December 5th. We are at sea for 4 days and in port for 3 – St. Maarten, St. Lucia, and St. Kitts – wow. We ended up contacting our travel agent (Sears) and she was able to get the price for slightly less with a guaranteed unobstructed balcony stateroom, but she couldn’t beat the Delta airline price on the website for our non-stop round-trip flight, so we booked that ourselves. We’re staying the night before the cruise in Detroit, to avoid border problems – and after the game in Fort Lauderdale, and flying home late in the afternoon on the 6th.

Also super lucky seriously awesome is that the Canadian Dollar is near par. Sweet! (When we went to Hawaii it was awful – like $1.48 Canadian to purchase $1 US) I also had a crap load of Sears points saved on my MasterCard, and that took about $300 off the cruise.

We both love cruising so much – it’s so relaxing (especially with a balcony) love it, love it, love it! Although I was looking forward to bumming around FLA, it’ll be fantastic to only unpack once (essentially), and enjoy 4 star dining, a tropical setting, drinks poolside, ARG! It’s so exciting!

The next 2 months are possibly going to be the best 2 months of our lives(and maybe the most expensive!?) – so much exciting going on! Next week-end we’re going to Cleveland, next American Thanksgiving, the cruise (I can’t imagine a better way to end a cruise than with a Browns – Fins game!) Christmas parties and fun, New Year’s, then back to Cleveland for another game in the New Year!!

My brain is overloaded with high expectations! I have to remember to live every second in the moment. Not to worry about ‘what we’re doing next’. I have to appreciate the ride and not just the destination.

Starting…. NOW!


One thought on “Seriously awesome

    Kzinti said:
    November 6, 2010 at 11:54 pm

    Sounds like you’ve booked quite the trip! So true about living life in the moment. I’m almost to the point, but still tying to get rid of a lot of overhead as quickly as possible. Better to keep my nose to the grindstone for a bit longer to enjoy the payoff. Freedom to enjoy more of life.

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