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The Browns beat the SuperBowl champs, the Saints. Amazing! Wonderful! Billy and I were able to watch that game on the bar TV (via country cable) and the Miami (remember, William is a Miami fan) game on the big TV via satellite. Wow. What a great game (the Browns game that is… the refs in the Miami game are idiots – if there is any dispute whether he crossed the line, dontcha think that maybe they should see who recovered the ball? Howabout maintaining possession like in the call against Detroit in Chicago? Crazy ass rules! Anyways, that game has psyched me up even more (if possible) for the game we’re seeing in Cleveland on the 13th. Did you know that Cleveland has beat the reigning SuperBowl champs 3 years in row? Monday night football in 2008 against the Giants, Thursday night football against the Steelers (we were going to see that game, but opted with the San Fran game the Sunday before) – I think it was one of the coldest games ever played at The Cleveland Browns Stadium, – 10*F wind chill –  and this Sunday against the Saints. So if nothing else, that’s something!

So like I mentioned before I’ve lost my blogging mojo. I feel that I don’t have anything important or clever to say. It’s not worth the time to type. Hm. Serious funk.

I will say that if I was Queen of the world I would outlaw reader board signs – the mobile ones with often flourescent writing that pop up randomly in front of businesses and homes. We live on a fairly busy county road and there are several: one advertising that Athletes Need Mouthguards Call So and So Dentist. Annoying. They ruin the look of small towns and on Walker Road are everywhere, creating blindspots and distracting stupid drivers. So there.

My friend SuperT was last night elected to Tecumseh Town Council. Pretty cool. I’m happy for her. That is one job I would never want. I imagine there isn’t much positive (aside from small accomplishments that may or may not please residents) and mostly negative. I don’t think many people contact their councillor because they are pleased with their taxes, and oh so happy with their neighbour. I couldn’t take the constant complaining that I think she’ll encounter. No thanks!

Today is BMW’s birthday – so a big HB to her! I’ll be seeing her at her sister in law’s tomorrow, so that will be nice. Surely some good stories and gossip.

Tonight is book club, we’re discussing The Story of Edgar Sawtelle. We’re meeting at a Starbuck’s – I’d prefer to go to someone’s house, but this is the first meeting outside the golf course, so a change in venue may take place for next time. No one would drive out to my house, I bet: they think I live in the sticks and everyone else lives in the city.  

So, that’s about it. Still funky, but really happy about the Brownies!


3 thoughts on “Recent

    Kzinti said:
    October 26, 2010 at 4:17 pm

    Since moving to KC, I have kind of given up on football. WOnder why **cough** **chiefs** **cough**

    stevebetz said:
    October 26, 2010 at 9:49 pm

    All I was thinking on Sunday as I watched the Browns score keep going up was: LizG must be going bananas right now!! 🙂

      LG responded:
      October 27, 2010 at 2:53 pm

      I was pretty darned excited! Still am a bit..

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