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Essentially everything under the sun.

William is heading tonight to TN with Kiki’s husband and Nick the Bartender. They are going down for a week and lucky boys – the weather is supposed to be awesome. Sunny and in the 70’s everyday. I know they will have a great time. William was going to bring a TV from his mom’s house down there, as the TV at the house in TN is really small – lost in a huge room. But, the TV at his mom’s doesn’t work, rats! We were going to get wireless, and have William take the laptop down, but he wisely thought to wait until spring – why pay the extra for wireless every month when the house is basically empty all winter. Smart man.  He might buy a new TV for down there and I think he’s bringing the Wii and maybe the Game Cube as well.  Golf during the day, video games and poker at night. They will have a blast!

I’m really going to miss him. It’s so quiet and boring with him away. I always look forward to him coming home from work, and it’s weird not to have that.

So this week-end is Thanksgiving. I am (and my mom) invited to MomG’s for dinner on Sunday. Woot woot! Turkey dinner.

Kiks, TOL and maybe RMTNic are going out to the Keg for dinner on Saturday night. Kiki really needs a night out and I’m sure we’ll have a nice time.

Yesterday the poochy and I watched (more me, not so much Halia) my nephew play in his 3rd highschool football game. It was weird as they were playing my old highschool. They actually had the scoreboard working and an announcer calling all the plays and interpreting the calls. How nice! I had to keep reminding myself and that a penalty against Essex was a good thing. Weird. I was a little concerned when Essex scored easily on their first possession, but it was the only time they scored. Cardinal Carter won like 37-7… so they are undefeated. Apparently my nephew also received his progress report and it was all good. I’m so proud!

There are so many things I need to do around here, mostly outside. The weather is supposed to be great here this week-end as well (up to 80* on Sunday!), so I hope to

– clean the car, it’s disgusting from the pooch and general neglect.

– clean out the pond. Also disgusting and neglected. I will have to disturb the hibernating frogs, which I hate to do. I put them into a bucket and drive to a nearby pond, so they don’t freeze solid in our little pond.

– take apart the garden. It’s finished, the herbs are out, and it’s time to get it ready for winter.

– pull some weeds. Hopefully the ground is not rock hard.

Inside I need to dust the plants – the big ones are nasty! A part of me thinks I should wait until the corn comes down, because if it’s dry the tractors kick up a ton of dust. Hm.

I wish the booze fairy would visit our house. We used to have a ton of booze and odd liqueurs which were perfect to make fun shots with, but our bar has been seriously lacking this entire summer. Currently there is nary a pint in our fridge; no beer, no wine, no coolers – nothing!

I’m so happy that Cleveland won last week-end! It was a crazy week for football and I ended up going 7/12! Awful! Terrible! Frustrating! At least I remembered to hit, ‘save picks’! Thanks GOM! I’m totally not into college football, but this Saturday the undefeated Michigan plays the undefeated Michigan State. Huge rivalry. Huge game… might have to find a party on Saturday afternoon – maybe I’ll just re-arrange my schedule and park my butt at Kiki’s bar before we go to the Keg…

Today I’m doing laundry, getting groceries (and some booze!), taking poochy for a walk and hanging out with William. There is a get together tonight at KT’s, but I’m not going – I know it might be silly, but I think I should be here when William leaves.

Life is good.


4 thoughts on “Recent, to do, upcoming and random

    GOM in Oklahoma said:
    October 7, 2010 at 5:05 pm

    OH MY GOD! NO BOOZE? No wonder William is leaving …

    I always forget that you guys celebrate Thanksgiving earlier than we do.

    I got 9 right on NFL games (should have picked Cleveland to win, damn it), and am 73% for the year now!

      LG responded:
      October 8, 2010 at 12:40 pm

      RE: No booze – HA! Never thought of that!

      RE: Thanksgiving – I’m shocked to realize that our Canadian holidays are not in the forefront of your mind!

      RE: NFL – You have obvious skills, and should have taken Cleveland.

    Kzinti said:
    October 7, 2010 at 9:21 pm

    We rarely drink and yet seem to have an abundance of bottles around. Sounds like everyone is busy-busy this time of year.

      LG responded:
      October 8, 2010 at 12:41 pm

      This is a really busy time of the year. I think our next free week-end is in mid December, and we’ll probably have a Christmas party to attend by then. Being socially busy this time of year is great – I hopefully won’t become seriously depressed that golf season is ending.

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