Football – week 4

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Holy crap – week 4! This week the NFL is supporting the Breast Cancer initiative, and I must say, as a chick (not a broad) I love seeing the guys with little hints of pink! Love the gloves and shoes especially. No, I’m not one of those annoying pink jersey girls, but I do like seeing the guys support the ladies!

Despite getting 0 points in last week’s Yahoo pool – I’m still trying! I’m not doing well in the Mogg pool either (that one pays out every week) which really sucks because there are people in that pool who don’t even watch football – and they’re beating me! ARG!  I did much better in the pools years ago when I didn’t really pay attention. Maddening!

Anyways, here they are:

SF @ ATL : I’m taking Atlanta. They seem to be playing well this year. I heard on the Detroit sports radio the other day, the only team that is currently 0-3 that has the right to be pissed off about it is San Fran. HM! I think Cleveland has the right to be upset! Oh, of course the Detroit sports radio guys consider Detroit’s game against Chicago a win. They should really get over it!

JETS @ BUF: Jets. Buffalo sucks.

CINCI @ CLE: Cleveland really held their own last week against Baltimore (except Eric Wight – I don’t know if I can forgive him for that). Cinci has been playing well, despite egos. I think the BROWNS are going to put their heads down, not take anything for granted and give it their all against Cinci. The two reports I receive by email are both predicting a CLEVELAND win. Oh, I hope so! They need a win so bad! ARG! GO BROWNS!

Oh, yes, I’m still so bitter….William set up the country cable for me, and I’m going to watch about an hour of the game, don my gear, then head to the golf course (they certainly will not be showing the Cleveland game….) for the afternoon. Oh, how I will cheer!

DET @ GB: Apparently the Lions haven’t won in GB since 1991. Does that mean they are due? No, they still suck. Detroit fans are my biggest nemesis’ of late, as there are a lot of them floating around the golf course, and they unanimously feel that the BROWNS are the only team that they can pick on and feel superior to (again, the Chicago game). Since I’m pretty much the only BROWNS fan in my entire county, I am constantly, unnecessarily abused by Lions fans. Fun. GO GB! I think they are going to be crushed, and there will be more talk of firing The Schwartz.

DEN @ TN: I’m taking TN. For some reason I’m quite delighted that Denver is not faring well this year. I think it’s because I know a female Denver fan, and although she’s a perfectly nice person, perhaps my subconscious wants all women to be miserable down trodden football fan as me.

SEA @ STL: I think STL is favoured in this game. Huh? I checked the stats and don’t know why. Seattle has screwed me twice this year already, but I’m taking them to beat the Shams.

CAR @ NO: I’m taking NO. I’ve chosen Carolina as my loser pick this week. I’m still alive in that pool with only 2 other guys. Go me!

BALT @ PITTS: So, Charlie Batch eh? Roethlisbusekguhkjhk will be back soon – that should be interesting. I’m taking the Steelers. This is one of the games that really annoy me, as I hate both teams. With Cleveland playing Cincinasty this week I’m just about at my limit!

HOU @ OAK: Houston. I don’t think Screwston will show up this week as they did last week against Dallas.

INDY @ JAX: Indy.

WASH @ PHI: Tough pick #1. Hmm… I would LOVE LOVE LOVE Washington to win, as I still HATE Vick with the heat of 10,000 suns, and would love McNabb to McStick it to Reid, who looks like a mean man.  I went back and forth on this one. Philly is at home and is playing well (gag, sorry SB), but despite my distaste, I’m taking the Eagles. Ugh.

SD @ ARI: Tough pick #2. I’m taking ARI with not much confidence. Why is SD favoured??

CHI @ NYG: Tough pick #3. I’m taking Chicago. I think the power of Manning! is with Pey Pey, not the younger. Ah, whatever. I could easily be screwed on this one…

NE @ MIA: Tough pick #4. I’d much rather see Miami win. William would be so happy. I don’t think that’s going to happen. Heart says Fins. Head says Pats. Head wins.

I’m hoping to go 11/14… we’ll see!


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    GOM in Oklahoma said:
    October 3, 2010 at 10:20 pm

    Did you click “SAVE” This time?

    stevebetz said:
    October 4, 2010 at 4:28 am


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