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Yesterday William came home from work a little early with a surprise: The new Playstation ‘Move’, a game and two controllers. He said, ‘Let’s have some drinks and play this all night!’ It made me think, ‘geez, how old are we?’ How many people our age (37 & 44) have that kind of mentality? Well, I love it, and we had a great time!

 The game is so cool! It’s more sensitive than the Wii, and the graphics are great. You can’t customize your character, so the little kids might not like that so much – but the volleyball, gladiator fighting, archery, and all the other games are really awesome. We played for a few hours last night and only an hour into it my right arm was aching! I’m so freaking sore today it’s unbelievable! Good thing I’m not golfing anytime in the near future! Needless to say Nick the Bartender will be over soon so the two boys can battle it out.

Goings ons for today:

Took poochy to the Vet for more meds and a little chiropractic care. Halia actually ran up to the Vet wagging her tail! Crazy dog.

Took poochy for a walk. It’s nice, bright day today. Ahhh.

Cleaned up the house from last night’s adventure.

Going to Best Buy to purchase 2 more controllers for the Move system. That way the boys can really have it out.  You would not believe how competitive they are with each other. Last week Nick made Billy sign a paper acknowledging his ass kicking in darts and random Wii games.

Going to the butcher to get steaks for dinner on Thursday.

Heading to the grocery store to buy groceries for Thursday night’s dinner.

Stop by L’Essor highschool to watch a bit of my nephew’s football game.

Go to the golf course to try to sell some raffle tickets. It’s the Calcutta auction so I hope to grab some of the money that will be floating around.

Good day.


2 thoughts on “Today

    gominoklahoma said:
    September 29, 2010 at 3:03 pm

    I will bet that adults make up a much larger share of the video game market than you’d think they would.

    stevebetz said:
    September 29, 2010 at 5:29 pm

    I saw the “move” in a commercial this past week and thought it was about time Sony tried to muscle in on Nintendo’s Wii. Fun!

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