Football – week 3

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Here we are at week 3 already. My team is winless (better than saying LOSERS), and I am not predicting a win today against Baltimore – although it would make me really really happy!

I found this week to be quite difficult. I was looking at points for and against, total yards, TDs, the usual… and I was still stumped!

Today William is busy getting the hot tub open and closing the pool, so I’m certain this afternoon we are going to be firmly parked on the couch watching country cable from Toledo. Go BROWNS!

CLE @ BALT – It gives me great pain to do so, but I’m taking Baltimore. Maybe Cleveland will win this game because I’m picking the opponent. It’s happened before (against the undefeated NYG no less – remember that? Good times….)! Poor Cleveland! I’m taking the Ravens, but will cheer with all my heart for the BROWNS!

CINCI @ CAR – I’m taking Cinci. I don’t think this is a difficult pick.

DAL @ HOU – I’m thinking there is a bunch of riled up Texans today! Woo hoo – what a party that would be! So, Dallas has been sucking so far this year, and Houston is playing quite well… Mr. Jones is going to be LIVID – I predict a Houston win.

SF @ KC – This one I bounced back and forth with – finally deciding on KC to win. I know they are not favoured, but they have won twice, and are at home.

DET @ MIN – This could go either way… Detroit hasn’t been disgustingly terrible so far this year, and the Vikings haven’t been the most consistent – plus I heard somewhere that Favre may be showing his age? Egads! I’m taking Minnesota, but I wouldn’t be completely shocked if Detroit won… oh, the Lions fans would go nuts! Sports talk radio would be bombarded with calls about play-off predictions.

BUF @ NE – This is a big no brainer, and is also in fact my ‘survivor’ pool pick. I’m not even telling you who I’m taking… I think you know.

ATL @ NO – I’m taking NO. I wouldn’t be entirely shocked if ATL won.

TEN @ NYG – This was a tough pick. Both teams are coming off pretty big losses last week. Their ratings and stats are quite similar. I’m taking NYG because they are at home. This one might screw me.

PITS @ TB – Tough pick. The Steelers are having QB issues. TB is at home. The Steelers beat TEN last week, TB has been fairly decent stat wise. I’m taking TB because they are at home – I think they’ll try to take advantage of the Steelers QB issues with stopping the run and playing good defense in general. We’ll see – again I wouldn’t be shocked if I chose the wrong team.

PHILLY @ JAX – Dilemma dilemma. I picked Philly, but could easily see this game going to Jacksonville… hmm… Have I mentioned lately how much I HATE Vick? ‘Cause I do. I hate that guy.

WASH @ STL – I’m taking Washington, but am not entirely confident with this pick.

OAK @ ARI – Another tough one. I picked Oakland. Obviously I have no faith in the ARI QB. Oakland hasn’t been entirely awful. We’ll see.

INDY @ DEN – I bet Denver wants this one so bad! I’m taking Indy.

SD @ SEA – I went back and forth with this pick too – finally deciding on SD, although right now I have no idea why. Hm. Could go either way with Seattle at home.

NYJ @ MIA – I really hope that Miami wins this one! William is a Miami fan, and hates the Jets. It’s great that he’ll be able to see his team play tonight.

GB @ CHI – I’m taking GB. I think this will be a good high scoring game.

Well, that’s it for week 3. I’m hoping to get 12 correct, but it could be as low as 8! ARG! I really feel the need to redeem myself and win some $$ at the Sutton Creek/Mogg pool! We’ll see!


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