I’m a loser baby…

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Oh, what a big fat loser I am… let me count the ways…

So this past week-end was the Ryder Cup/Solheim Cup at Sutton Creek. It’s an event where members team up and play for either North America or Europe. The men play for the 3 days, and can potentially win 3 points for their team, and the women play for 2 days for 3 points. I played for Team Europe for no reason other than that’s where I was needed. The first nine was ‘better ball’ format which sounds like a scramble, but rather it’s a two person team event, with each player playing their own ball and the best net score is taken as the team score. My playing partner was The Stank (nickname, she doesn’t smell in the least) and we won one point for our team. The next 9 holes is an alternate shot format which when played with a spouse can result in imminent divorce, but The Stank and I played poorly and lost that point. The second day was a straight up match play format for 18 holes. Although the Stank was in my foursome, I was playing against the course’s reigning club champion… great. She takes golf quite seriously, and I held my own on the front but blew a fairly easy putt, then missed a long shot and the match was over on the 17th hole. The Stank played and won her match on the 18th hole. Despite our efforts Team Europe lost for the Solheim cup.

William played poorly for Team North America, not winning a point all week-end, and Team Europe won for the men.

It’s a great event – lots of people out and some are quite passionate about their team – many being born in Europe – it makes the event quite festive. The men played for the honour of having their team on the trophy for 2010…

The women also had a presentation for the winning North America Team…

Yes, that’s a coffee mug with ‘Solheim Cup’ writing on it with a magic marker! Oh how we laughed! Did we feel put out that our coveted cup was so cheesy? Hells no, it was hilarious! That’s The Jude by the way, and she’s short but not that short… the DOG was standing on a step…

So, one time a loser.

Football did not exactly go my way this past week-end. I chose only 8 games correctly out of 16. A few picks I knew were risky (Washington beating Houston, Seattle beating Denver) and wasn’t surprised by those losses, but there were some games that were shocking (The Jets beating the Pats, TB beating Carolina, Miami defeating The Vikings, Chicago beating Dallas, The Steelers’ ass whoopin the Titans). So obviously I didn’t fare too well on my pools this week – but it appears that I wasn’t alone in the loser boat. My ‘loser’ pick was good in the survivor pool with the Giants losing to Indy, so I’m still alive.

Speaking of losers, I was in great pain watching the second half of the Cleveland game. Oh the agony! As you may know, I decided to forgo the bus trip to the Browns home opener in favour of playing in the Solheim Cup – My team didn’t win the Cup, and the Browns lost to Kansas Shitty! ARG! I was really quite depressed and considered punishing Gnomey with a night spent outside, but them realized it wasn’t his fault the Browns lost – I blame Wallace for a dumb ass pass that resulted in a defensive TD for Kansas, and Dawson for slicing (dontcha love how I use golf slang for football?) a field goal. ARG! Loser!

My third loser experience this week-end was when someone asked me if I thought it was time that ‘I get a life of my own’. Hm! Well, how does one respond to that? Now before you either agree with this person, (who I know didn’t mean it to be hurtful) or get all defensive for me – one has to realize that my lifestyle is as it is for several reasons. There have been things that have happened between William and I (no, not divorce type things – how could you even think that?) that I don’t casually discuss with golfing mates, and have never even blogged about. So – in her defense, I think she had good intentions, but I am left without a defense of myself, and am saddened that some people (or even one single person) believe (s) that I don’t have a life. Nice. Great. Loser.

My final loser experience this past week-end occurred when I attempted to make a tee time with my quota points team for last night. When I ventured into the pro shop and checked the tee sheet I noticed that everyone was already in foursomes. I was the odd one out, all by my lonesome! I was briefly hurt that not one of the six players on my team had bothered to contact me to play with them, but then I acknowledged that I didn’t make an effort to contact them until two days before our field day/banquet event. Smack! Loser! Luckily Kiki is a great friend and graciously offered to play with me. My Eeroye feelings were subsiding as I won second place for total quota points last night, and my team came in first. I actually won most points scored in one night overall, but because I already won second, it was given to the next person. Ha! Take that! I’m not a loser!

Well, not entirely…

Tonight is the field day/banquet night for the 9 hole league, which I know will be fun. It’s so sad that the leagues are coming to an end though. Many ladies will still come out on league night, weather permitting, well into October.

Well, time to get on with my day and say some positive affirmations to myself… ‘I’m a winner! I’m a good person! People like me!”


2 thoughts on “I’m a loser baby…

    gominoklahoma said:
    September 21, 2010 at 6:58 pm

    You reminded me to go look. As of right now I’m at 53.1% in picking NFL games … 7 of 16 week 1, 10 of 16 week 2 (take that LOSER!). In NCAA games I’m at 68.3%.

    It’s no one’s business how you live your life. I kid you about it because I know you know I’m only kidding. Just like I know my wife doesn’t take it seriously when I tell folks she doesn’t work outside the home … and BARELY does any work IN it (rim-shot!). But someone that actually knows you? They should either learn to keep their mouths closed or learn to choose their words better.

    Besides, I thought Canadians were Hosers, not Losers … if I remember my SCTV references correctly …

    LG responded:
    September 22, 2010 at 12:31 pm


    I don’t follow NCAA much, but 68.3% sounds pretty good… I used to be in an NFL pool that would payout at the end of the year anyone over 65%.

    I know that you’re only joking, and I don’t mind the kidding, but when someone thinks it’s time to have a talk with me for my benefit, it’s rather iritating.

    It’s amazing how many Americans know SCTV quotes! Ha!

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