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I’m going to be active today in one form or another. Yesterday was a complete day of sloth like lounging – I watched about 10 hours of football, not including the pre game shows. Yikes! I picked up poochy around 11, after MomG took her for a long walk, so I wasn’t completely neglectful of her – she spent considerable time chewing on a bone – but I feel the need to ‘do’ something today.

Since it actually rained on the week-end, I’m going to do some work in my sister’s yard. That sounds weird, but hey, they paid me like a month ago, and I did a little  bit, but needed rain to do some of the weeding.

Tonight I golf with Kiki – I haven’t golfed since last Tuesday and I am really itching to get out there and hit some balls. It’s the last night of regular play in the quota point league – next week is our ‘banquet’.

Despite the fact that summer is coming quickly to end, I find myself to be in a decent mood – embracing the change in season – rare for me – I’m usually quite cranky about fall – but there are so many good things coming up. Let’s review:

– Solheim/Ryder Cup event this week at Sutton Creek. I’m playing in this as fate determined that me going to the home opener in Cleveland was not to be… It’s a good idea for me to get all the golf in while I still can – that way there won’t be any regrets come winter (okay, there probably will be anyway…) and I can sell 50/50 tickets, still trying to raise money for new pull carts (we’re about halfway to our goal).

– Glo ball event at Sutton Creek in a couple of weeks. This is the most fun event at Sutton Creek. Golfing in the dark is a blast, and also a bit dangerous with 70 odd golfers on 9 holes! It’s going to be epic!

– Banquets at Sutton Creek. Although incredible informal, the 2 back to back banquets next week should be quite fun. There is quite a lot of celebrating and joking around – plus awesome food.

– Football in general. I love love love Sundays in the fall.

– William gets a vacation. Not that I’m looking forward to him going away for a week, but the man needs a vacation! In less than a month he’ll be with the boys (possibly only one boy, actually) golfing in Tennessee.

– Cleveland – our next getaway is the week-end of November 13th. Woot woot! We’re going for 2 nights, so hopefully the weather co-operates.

Life is good.


3 thoughts on “Today

    gominoklahoma said:
    September 13, 2010 at 9:30 pm

    So … how did you football picks go? So far I got a whopping 7 out of a possible 14 points …

    College wise, I’m at 75%. WOOT!!!!!!

      LG responded:
      September 14, 2010 at 12:47 pm

      After last nights games I’m 11 correct. I really dodged a bullet on a few games, but some pics were just plain stupid! I was really hoping Washington would’ve beat Dallas…

    gominoklahoma said:
    September 14, 2010 at 6:48 pm

    They did …

    I was still at 7 after Monday night, damn it!

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