Football – week 1

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The start of football season! A bit sad because it also means that the golf season is coming to a close… Time marches on…

Honestly I didn’t put much thought into my picks. It’s so hard the first few weeks, and I’m not expecting much. I’m in William’s work survivor pool and I chose Denver to lose in Jacksonville… we’ll see…

I wisely chose New Orleans to beat Favre and the Fikings. Yea for me.

MIA @ BUF – I’m going with Miami… I remember Buffalo stinking at the end of last season. Plus William was playing Miami on Madden last night and did pretty well – so obviously that should help.

DET @ CHI – Chicago. I’m not on the Stafford train, as most people around here are. I don’t have any faith in the Lions. I think that they are years away from a winning season. God knows I’ll eat those words if I’m wrong, as a Cleveland fan I’m constantly harassed by all the local Lion lovers… if you can believe that… Cleveland seems to be the victim of chose for whining Detroit fans.

OAK @ TEN – TEN. I think Oakland will be better than last year, but I see an easy at home win for the Titans.

CIN @ NE – NE. I hate Cinci. With the addition of Owens the Bengals have exponentially increased their annoying factor. Ugh. I’m not a fan of Brady, but it’s not about who I like more – obviously! It would pain me greatly if Cincinasty wins ANY games this year.

CAR @ NYG – I’m taking the Giants.

ATL @ PIT – Yuck!  I went with Pitts, but seriously without Big Loser Ben this game could go either way. Steelers fans are so obnoxious I would love to see an opening game loss against ATL. I’m really not confident with this pick, but I haven’t kept up on the pre-season or what is going on with each team, so who knows….

CLE @ TB – Well obviously I’m going with Cleveland. This could be a great start to their season, a win on the road before their home opener against Kansas would really create some good momentum. Their season is pretty tough, but the first two games give the BROWNS a pretty realistic chance to win. GO BROWNS. William is golfing today in a work event, so I have the house to myself, and lucky me the game is showing in Toledo – so he switched the main TV to country cable, so I’m watching the local FOX channel until 1pm – then I’ll switch to country cable. If the game wasn’t showing locally I would have very seriously considered venturing to Royal Oak in Michigan to watch the game with fellow Browns Backers. It’s going to be a great day in the LG household. GO BROWNS!

DEN @ JAC – This is my survivor pool pic, and I’m basing this pick on what I remember from last year… plus I need to be aggressive, as someone already chose the wise pick of a MIN loss… DAMN! That would have been a good one.

INDY @ HOU – I don’t know much about either… This is pretty much based on last years’ standings. Not confident on this pick at all…

ARI @ STL – I chose ARI despite the shocking fact that Anderson is the starting QB… very interesting indeed. Maybe he has a good season every 4 years. I think the Rams are in the same position as the Lions, and it will be a few years until they see a winning season. Wow – am I stating the obvious? Well don’t rip on me, I’m just a casual fan!

GB @ PHI – This was a tough pic – I’ve heard that great things are expected of GB… but I’m taking Philly. This might be dumb dumb dumb, with their recent QB change, but I think the at home factor will be important. Why? ‘Cause I’m a chick and think about things like that.

SF @ SEA – I’ve heard that SF is supposed to be a good team this year… so I’ll just go with that, as I don’t know much about either team.

DAL @ WASH – Dallas, Dallas, Dallas. Although we live about a billion miles from Dallas, I’m tired of hearing about their expectations,Romomomo, their new stadium and their creepy owner. Enough!  Washing picked up a new QB  and have an at home advantage, but I’m getting on the Dallas train and taking them to win. I think perhaps I’ve been brainwashed.

BALT @ NYJ – Baltimore bothers me. Wonder why? I like Sanchez, but William hates the Jets, so I’m influenced by that… hm… tough pick – and probably will be a good game. I’ll take the dirty birds.

SD @ KC – I’ll take SD. I think Kansas isn’t a good team. Again.

I hope to get 12 correct, but historically I suck in the first week… We’ll see – GO BROWNS!!


One thought on “Football – week 1

    gominoklahoma said:
    September 12, 2010 at 10:13 pm

    I’ll let you know how I did. So far, though, I picked Minnesota over the Saints …

    I’m doing much better in my college football picks.

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