1st half impressions

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Wow – well, I’m not going to get ahead of myself here – all Cleveland fans recall colossal defeats in the 2nd half…

I’ve decided that if the BROWNS win, and if there are still bus/game tickets available for next week, then I’ll travel with the other South East Michigan Browns Backers to the home opener against Kansas – that means I’ll miss playing in an event at Sutton – but watching this game today reminds me how much I do love football – I would love to get caught up in the excitement of the home opener! If  the BROWNS  win I hope my new glasses are in –  it would be nice to see the game – plus Billy wouldn’t be there to tell me what’s going on, and random strangers probably wouldn’t want to give me a play be play…

Here are some random impressions…

Harrison – you are just as good as you were last year – keep it up!

Wildcat – I heard somewhere last year, ‘Miami created it, but Cleveland perfected it’ – really? Did I dream that? I don’t think so. Today there was a successful pass from Cribbs to Wallace. How do you like them apples?

Brown – nice to have you here.

Willis – thanks Denver, hope you’re enjoying Quinn.

TJ Ward – you are a fine player, a rookie no less.

Brian Daboll – nice weight loss, although it looks like you gave it to Mr. Ryan. Holy Hannah! Ryan looks like he is hiding a nose tackle under his shirt! It’s also about 1 billion degrees in TB today and he’s wearing a sweatshirt!

Delhomme – I’m going to get too excited about this year based on your first half – you did throw an ugly interception, but so far, so good. Are you hurt?

Haden – I like you.

Adams – nice interception. Woot woot!

Fujita – your name makes me want to eat fajitas – I’m sure that’s not the first time he’s heard that either. What am I saying? Like he reads this blog!

Cribby – you’re still my favorite, but don’t tell the other players – I don’t want fights breaking out over my love.

Other games:

Ha ha! Take that Cinci! Looks good on you (more so 85 and Owens).

Indy: WTH? I’ve heard rumblings about the Texans being good this year, but really?

The Lions are winning? On the road?

Hm… We’ll see what the second half brings… Go BROWNS!


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