A funny thing happened while ripping a cd

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I have always thought it so, I don’t know, ‘cute’ I guess, how when you rip a cd into Windows media, the little image from the cd automatically appears. I ripped a few dozen cds yesterday afternoon, and I thought this morning I would do a few more while reading blogs and surfing around.

I pulled out of a ‘Christmas music’ pile a cd I must have received for free. I thought I’d rip it, what the hell. When I put the cd in, the title was not ‘Happy Holidays’ as I expected, it read, ‘Andy Swan’s Ottawa’.

My eyes were immediately drawn downward to a track called, ‘Starfucker’.

Hm. Certainly not Christmas music!

I listened to the track and laughed out when ‘Amazing Grace’ starting playing.

Ah, funny.


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