Another Facebook rant

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Wow, it does seem like I've spent all morning on the computer, but really I've accomplished many things today, (laundry, plant maintenance, cleaned the remotes with rubbing alcohol and a toothbrush).

I have also checked Facebook twice already.

Am I Crackbook addict? I don't think so. I check it a couple of times a day. Usually it's a familiar report of people I 'know' whose kids are sick, are complaining of the weather, and relating hockey tournament results.

I have blocked one guy for about a year now. He would update his status several times a day and it was always political: whining about a proposed tax, an act that should be passed, what nationality soldier died where doing what, etc, sprinkled with requests to join, 'Canadians for Whatever'. Bah.

I am considering blocking someone else. She is a person I knew in the 5th grade. She was nice enough, but so desperate for friends, it was exhausting. She was always promising gifts, or trips to the mall. She talked about her birthday party 6 months in advance and never had one, (I'm sure she had a not so great home life).

It doesn't appear that much has changed for her. She posts status updates up to 10 times a day. She responds immediately to anyone that has written anything regarding her status.

I decided to air my grievances about this woman here and VOx and checked her 'wall' because I was simply going to copy and paste some of her recent Facebook woes, but ah ha! She deleted it, so I will have to go by memory… some are real, some are based on memory… 

Feb 16th, 7:04 am

good morning fb i need coffee

Feb 16th 7:45 am

still so tired need more coffee

Feb 16th 9:01 am

wow i am starting to feel like a doormat im not waiting for you to contact me anymore

Feb 16th 9:15 am

im figuring out who you really are and you know what i mean b/c its like u said

Feb 16th 10:47 am

so sick of fb thinking of leaving for a while will miss you all

Feb 16th 11:53 am

making spagetti-o's for lunch whose coming over?

Feb 16th 1:01 pm

it reall about as bad as it could possibly get I feel like I am suffercating in this box that is my life Im fine just sayin what could possibly be next

Feb 16th 2:32 pm

I am getting use to being ignored love it

Random Friend A: what's going on girlfriend?

Response: its just I feel like sometimes if a person doent wanna talk to someone then someone should say something is all you know what Im sayin thanks for caring

Feb 16th 5:15 pm

good-by fb

Feb 16 7:31 pm

just made great herbal tea anyone want to do something this weekend first one in my inbox wins

Feb 16th 9:43 pm

2day will probly be my last day on here for a while I need a break from here

Today's lovely sharing time consisted of her asking if you are her 'friend' to click the 'like' button…. just checked… herself and 15 out of 301 friends have clicked 'like'.  I have been so tempted to be a) nice and b) mean. When she 'threatens' to leave Facebook, I want to post, 'JUST LEAVE ALREADY! Nobody will miss you or your lack of punctuation, poor grammar and spelling!' Seriously, she says she is going to leave Facebook every other week.

So, am I going to block her? Probably not. Annoying people can be entertaining. Go ahead BMW, make her day and friend request her, just for fun.

Also, I understand if no lurkers out there made it to the end of this post… It annoyed even me. Maybe I should just leave Vox… JUST KIDDING! 

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2 thoughts on “Another Facebook rant

    Picklez said:
    February 23, 2010 at 1:04 pm

    Yet another strike against me joining Spacebook. Thanks for sharing.

    LG said:
    February 23, 2010 at 3:27 pm

    NO! You have to lurk! You have to join! I went to all that trouble last year to figure out your real identity and I have no use for it!

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