Out of control

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Okay, I admit that I should have thought about what I would like to post today before sitting at the computer and  allowing random thoughts to fall from my brain… but from the last 2 posts, I realize that:

a) time does fly

b) I've dyed my hair black before for Halloween…

Here's some proof…

There's PF, dressed as an accountant, not really a stretch, myself as The Crow – chick version (I was bad ass…) KT as a doctor, Rach as a nurse (again no imagination there…) and SuprT as, well, some type of jeans wearing clown.

I remember this day in 1998, as Rach was flying home from working in New Mexico, and we picked her up at the airport and went to 'The Country Boy' (a bar) in a small village, I can't even remember what it's called… anyways…

It seems that everytime I want to dress for Halloween, I need to dye my hair black… Not this year though…

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