Opps I did it again

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Sprained my back that is.

Oh yes… I did a quick post yesterday, checked my email, and when I went to stand I discovered that I couldn't stand up straight. I thought perhaps I was just stiff… oh no, oh no. It's pain reminiscent of this post… Super! I've talked to my chiropractor, (as I can't even go see him as I wouldn't be able to make it from the car into his office without substantial embarrassment to myself, as I'm hunched over like a 103 year old) and he wants me to get x-rays and a CAT scan as he is concerned about the re-injury factoid in addition to my Golfer's Ass Syndrome which only ended 3 short weeks ago, by the way.


For the last few days before this I've been feeling great. I appreciated the lack of sciatic pain, and how good my body felt… now, un-so much.

The only good thing to come out of this is that I showered and washed my hair yesterday and couldn't dry it, and now I'm sporting fabulous Texas Hair… oh I just love it! (Usually my hair is either fuzzy or stick straight… I'm pretty sure the combination of not washing all the conditioner out of it combined with severe bed head has resulted in a great hair day if nothing else…


Thank God for a great husband who totally does everything for me, and the fact that he has a great job with good coverage.

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One thought on “Opps I did it again

    Falling apart | LG said:
    March 17, 2011 at 1:19 pm

    […] decided to check me out fully, pressing on my lower back in the area I sprained it in April and October of 2008 and yet again in February (although less severely) of 2010. He asked my what I did to my […]

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