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So this week-end was pretty good. I feel like since I've returned from TN I've been fairly on top of things around here, and I'm ready to take on the rental house in Windsor.

Here's some things I've done lately…

– Cut down the garden, and a few things in the yard.

– Put up some fall decorations

– Cleaned the house including dusting doors and baseboards. I have to do the cabinets, (in and out) soon.

– Set up the AeroGarden… I should have done that a month ago.

– Put away the poinsettia plant… I should have done that a month ago too…

– Potted and moved a couple of indoor plants… the money tree is getting so big, I'm actually considering cutting it back some… let's have a look…

Yeah, it's big. There are a couple of others in the house that are getting out of control…

I need to lightly powerwash the deck (there is some crazy green bird turds on it), weed whack, (with our new spankin' whacker), clean out the garage, and keep up on the fall yard work.

Life's good.  

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