Week Seven

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Well, well, well… week seven… I really have to be careful with this week's picks, because I'm Making My Move. That's right, you read it correctly… I want to be on top! Total pool domination!

Actually I just don't want to get spank-ed. so here I go…

TEN @ KC – Ten is the only undefeated team left standing, and I think they will do it again against Kansas. I don't even know if they are truly good, or just lucky. No idea. I shall add that to my list of things to research on the internet later…

DAL @ STL – This is a tough one! Romo is out (unless they are getting smoked I think I heard the owner say…) They are both inconsistent. I may regret this, but I'll take DAL.

BAL @ MIA – Miami has had a few close ones, plus they are at home, therefore I predict Miami shall be the victor!

SF @ NYG – I'm going with NYG on this one.

SD @ BUF – Dilemma dilemma. Both teams are all over the place. I thought BUF was going to be very dominate this year, then – not so much. I'll go with BUF, but I wouldn't be surprised if SD wins

MIN @ CHI – I don't like this one! The only Bears game this year that I predicted correctly was beating the Lions. Other than that they have f'ed me repeatedly! They beat Indy, but lose to TB, they beat Philly, but lose to Carolina. Arg! I'll take MIN. I wish they were at home though. This may be stupid stupid stupid…

NO @ CAR – I'll take NO. I heard something good about players returning from IR. So there. Whatever.

PIT @ CIN – Is there any way they both can lose? I hate them both. I'll take PIT, but I hope that CIN wins.  

DET @ HOU – I'll take HOU. This should be interesting. I'm not even going to talk about all the crap I heard this week on sports radio about Detroit. Not going to do it.  

IND @ GB –  Another tough pick. I'll take INDY, but I wish they were at home.

NYJ @ OAK – Ah, a nice easy pick. NYJ!

CLE @ WAS – Yeah, I'm taking the BROWNS. If they play nearly as good as they did last week, they should win. All of Cleveland will watching this game. Go BROWNS! Let's go BROWNIES – let's go! TOUCH DOWN BROWNS!

SEA @ TBJonny baby, don't get crazy.

Detours, fences, I get defensive.

I know you've heard it all before,

So I don't say it anymore.

I just stand and watch you

Fight your secret war.

Although I used to wonder why

I used to cry until I was dry

Sometimes I get a strange pain inside

If you're hurting Jonny so am I.

Although I'm fairly certain that he's not an alcoholic, I think the words are adaptable to football. I shall take TB.

DEN @ NE – Ugh. Do I have to pick one? I wish there was a game every week I could skip. Oh, hey that reminds me. Apparently 2 University students won $573,000 on a $10 Proline bet last week. (FYI: Proline is legal sports betting run by the Ontario Lottery, it's fun.) He correctly predicted the winners of all the games last week, and the payout was huge because of all the upsets. Could you imagine how they were feeling knowing that a fortune was resting on the Cleveland – Giants game? Oh man! The one guy was pictured wearing an Edwards jersey. I should say so! If it was me, I would buy season BROWNS tickets with the winnings! I guess I should make this pick… DEN. Ugh

Let's review. This week is very hard. Here is a list of teams that I wish were playing at home…

– Dallas

– Min

– NO

– Indy

– Cleveland

– Denver

Ugh. This could be bad. This could be very very bad.

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