A Walk around the house and a funny story

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You may or may not know that my dog, Halia, writes a blog, (yes, yes, too much time on my hands, I need a job, etc. etc.,) in reality she has an interesting perspective on life, a great personality, and a huge ego.

That's the preface to my little story.

Every morning, Halia (who weighs 110 el-bees BTW) decides that she has had enough of sleeping on the floor, (her bed, in actuality is probably more comfortable than ours….) and she wakes me up to be invited into the bed. She's smart enough to wait to be asked. After an hour or so, and usually after the alarm goes off, she decides that it is time to get up. She'll turn around and slowly approach my head to lick me so I either pet her or tell her to beat it time for more sleep.

Yesterday she was creeping to the head of the bed and she slowly, carefully, accidentally stepped on my face. So I have a lovey swollen area below my eye and a few scratches…

So now for the real story…

I was on the phone, and the doorbell rang, so Halia is off like a rocket to greet whoever is at the door. While coming up the stairs I see that it is a flower delivery girl. My first thought, (seriously I'm losing it) was that Halia sent me flowers to say sorry about stepping on my face. Other than that I was at a loss of who the flowers could be from.

The flowers were actually from KimF thanking me for the trip to TN (very nice of Kimf BTW).

So the chick is looking at me funny, talking a bit slow, telling me to enjoy the flowers and have a good week-end… then I realize that if she didn't read the card, she probably thinks I'm some abused housewife receiving 'sorry I beat you last night' flowers….

Hahaha. Oh life's fun.

So anyways, I love the light in the fall. At times the world is golden. I took my camera out today around the house and snapped some pics… here they are…

We have a pretty big yard (unofficially 180 X 200) so getting grass to grow on our lovely clay soil was a huge accomplishment for us. A lot of work for William. Literally tons of dirt moved and hundreds spend in grass seed. It's finally looking really good, even on the sloped areas. This pic would have looked better if I wasn't so lazy as to shut the garage door.

This is pretty much the view from where I sit at the computer. The neighbor's yard is over 500 feet deep with a lot of trees. I like the view.

Oh, hey, what do you know? Halia following me around outside.

Here's the giant plume grass off the upper deck that I planted about 3 years ago. I love this plant! It's huge, it's giant!

About 2 years ago, my mom gave all the grandkids a tree, (she gave us one too) and this is Myles'. They weren't sure if they were moving so we have it in our back yard.

Our back patio looks pretty good considering it's fall. At least from a distance…

Surprise! Halia in my way again… actually a pretty cool picture…

Okay, I'm obviously running out of things to take pictures of…

Myles was over today playing WOW and he had what possibly might be the first ever football injury in my family's history! I was so proud! I told him to keep playing (it was just flag…) but avoid injuries… sweet skully mitt too… I wanted to steal it from him, but that wouldn't be right…

That's all for now. Exciting, wasn't it?

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