Week Six – a quick review

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I didn't see more than 2 minutes of any game this week-end, except the Monday night game, so my comments are limited to pretty much the highlights that I watched.  

I submitted my picks from a cafe in Crossville, and STUPID STUPID STUPID me forgot one (I don't even know which game it was) in the Mogg pool, and going into Monday night's game I was tied for the lead… rats! DUH! I'm still waiting for the results… arg!

CIN @ NYJ – No surprise here…

CHI @ ATLOh, hey, once again CHI screwed me… what else is new? ARG!

BAL @ IND – I felt like I was going out on a limb by taking Indy, and it worked out – whew!

CAR @ TB -  I knew Jonny Baby wouldn't let me down, despite this I didn't feel confident, and TB was an underdog pick that worked out.

DET @ MIN -  Another no brainer. Now Lion fans are all excited again about the Williams trade. Hopefully that will have a better win column result than the firing of Millen… it was only 2 short years ago that Roy was considered to be the savior of the Lions. He simply did not want to be in Detroit any more. Who does want to be a Lion? Maybe they should get the Toledo college team to put on the uniforms… those guys want to play…

STL @ WAS What happened here? Hopefully Wash will be as weak next week when they play the BROWNS

OAK @ NOWhew… I don't think I saw any highlights from this game… but whatever…

MIA @ HOU – This was a tough one… MIA has had their moments, but I thought HOU might have the home advantage… I got lucky on this one…

JAC @ DEN – This was a another flip of the coin that worked out for LG.

DAL @ ARI – Stupid blocked kick. Now Romo is out… I swear I heard more about his pinkie than anything else this week.

PHI @ SF – This one could have gone either way in my opinion, but it worked out for me.

GB @ SEA – Whew!

NE @ SD – Why oh why did I take NE? They seem to be slipping every week. I have to pay more attention.

NYG @ CLE – I can't tell you how happy I was to be wrong on this one! I didn't really think they had a chance, but they played like they did at the end of last year. It wasn't just that Eli made mistakes, it was that the BROWNS were playing great defense and were ready to pounce. DA threw with confidence, and there weren't too many dropped balls. I'm such a girl I had tears in my eyes watching the game the next day although I knew that they won. I thought it was pretty funny when announcer said that if you bet the over on BROWNS penalties, you won… Despite the false starts, I was so proud of them! So happy for DA and Crennel. They have such a tough schedule coming up…

Oh, hey, another idea nicked from The Savage Dogs

I love football.   

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