Week 5 in review

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Okay, I know the Monday night game still has yet to be played, but I won't be able to write tomorrow as I'm TN bound. Woo hoo.

Week 5 Picks

ATL @ GB – I thought this was a pretty simple pick. Inconsistency seems to be a theme this year. Will someone please tell me if ATL is a good team? I still don't know.

TEN @ BAL – Whew! Close one! TN won, but didn't cover in one of my other pools. Rats!

SD @ MIA – Tough pick #1 of which I got correct. I was happy, Billy was happy. The city of Miami is happy, and probably can sympathize with Lion's fans

IND @ HOU – Tough pick #2 of which I was correct. Lucky. Is HOU a decent team, just playing slightly better teams? They've had some close games.


WAS @ PHI – Hmmmm, tricky pick #3 and again – correct! I'm feeling lucky!

KC @ CAR – What a blow out. Sheesh!

CHI @ DET – Lions fans (at least before kick off) are in such denial! Both the hosts of the sports radio program I was listening to were very confident that DET would win. Uh – are you kidding me? I saw a lot of this game and they sucked! Now, I realize that with Matt Millen gone a weight has been lifted from the team, but the way I see it… with every fan, and sports analysts calling for his firing translates into the all the current staff and players feeling that their being drafted, traded, whatever was a mistake. Roy, Roy, Roy, Roy (sing it like the theme of Rocky) was brutal! He's a worthless player now as his contract is coming up and even my dog knows that he doesn't want to be in Detroit. Oh, Billy had a great time btw. Oh, and 3.5 point spread? Who are the geniuses that came up with that one?  

TB @ DEN – Crap crap crap! Oh, poor Jon Gruden! They covered in my other pool, but that win would have really helped the cause… Rats! This one hurt my chances of winning anything!

BUF @ ARI - Ugh, what? I guess this answers the questions about BUF.  

CIN @ DAL - This was the afternoon game in our area, and although I tried to watch it, I was lured outside by the prospect of fun and what fun it was! Anyway, CBS coverage pisses me off. It's never the same. Sometimes they show  real time scores of other games, and the might have yesterday, but I didn't see any. I especially appreciate when they have the real time scores with the little arrow indicating possession and if they are within scoring distance. Very annoying. Oh, and DAL won. CIN and DET can hold each other, comfort one another and lick wounds together.   

NE @ SF - I really started to regret this pick, but I'm glad I stuck with NE. Close one though.  

PIT @ JAC – Oh, I seriously hate PITS! I may have to get some therapy to release these feelings. I was watching part of the game last night, just angered! This loss for me, really put me behind this week. Rats! 

MIN @ NO - Waiting for NO to win tonight.

Next week, I'll be making my picks in TN!  

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