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Week five. Yikes! I'm feeling a little pressure after doing fairly well last week. I can't let my fans down, I can't disappoint those who rely on my picks.

First I would like to say that my coffee is terrible this morning, (I'm a coffee snob and grind every morning) and the feaking 'L' is really sticking on the keyboard.

Okay, on with the football.

This by far was the hardest week to make picks this season, it could be a great week for me, or complete disaster. I guess I have to make the picks, close my eyes, and hope for the best.

Here we go…

Week 5 Picks

ATL @ GB – Hm, Rodgers was hurt last week. ATL has shown random sparks of life. I'll take GB because they are at home.

TEN @ BAL – I think that this game will have a lot of attention on it, as everyone is wondering if TEN is legit. Plus I think I heard something about Young coming back. That could be bad. I will take TN.

SD @ MIA – Tough pick #1. I really thought SD was going to be good this year, and I didn't have any expectations for Miami. I'm going out on a limb and making my move by taking the under dog MIA. Go Fins!

IND @ HOU – Tough pick #2. The Clash of the Inconsistent. The Erratic Bowl if you will. I'll go with IND, and if they get beat, then Payton's career is in trouble.

SEA @ NYG – I would like to SEA to win, just to wear on the Giants mentality as they head into next week's Monday night game against the BROWNS, but I don't see that happening. I'll take NYG.

WAS @ PHI – Hmmmm, tricky pick #3. Strong, then bad, good then suck. I'll take WAS, but I may regret it.

KC @ CAR – Well I can't believe that KC won last week. Their case is weak, the evidence – unreliable. I'll take CAR.

CHI @ DET – Okay, obviously I copied and paste 'd' from Mr. Picklez, as I'm very lazy and didn't want to write out all the teams, then bold them, way too much work. I just read what he wrote about this game, and I'm just going to use it… because I feel exactly the same way…. "CHI has been screwing me every game.  DET is at home and they are like a cornered, wounded animal.  If CHI brings nothing less than their B+ game they should be victorious.  Like a rabid rodent, this one may come to bite me in the ass.  Picklez Pick (reluctantly):  CHI Me too. William will be at this game, I don't know if that is a good thing or not.. 

TB @ DEN – Dilemma, dilemma… Hm, TB on the road. Both teams 3 – 1. TB has beat GB and CHI while DEN lost to KC, and beat NO and SD, two so so teams. Hey I'm taking Jon Gruden's Bucs.



CIN @ DAL – Two of the biggest heads in the NFL might not fit into the stadium. Maybe 85 will defect to the Cowboys. Maybe Romo can focus, (I seriously think that Terry Bradshaw's adoring eyes affected Romo's game last week, very creepy…) I'll take Dallas. 

NE @ SF – I'll take NE. I simply think they are a better football team.

PIT @ JAC – I think Roethlislkajglkjanlsdg has hit his head one too many times. I think he's on the way down. I'll take JAC.

MIN @ NO – I'll take NO, but I'm not completely convinced this is a wise choice… Oh hey, self doubt! Rampant!

I'm not very confident in these picks. I could easily be 4/14 this week. I shall miss my Brownies… 

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