Week four in review – KT skip this post… ;)

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What a week-end! Highs and lows, oohs and awes. I am such a girl and was crying a little when TB's kicker knocked one in to take the lead over GB. I happy danced multiple times during the Cleveland game, and I must say it was a darned luxury to have the Cleveland game in HD on satellite, with TB v GB on the recall. Sweet football viewing!

NYJ v ARI – LG's prediction about the boil and simmer of Favre came true. This week he totally proved that retirement wasn't necessary. Okay, ARI defense may have blown it too, but still it can be done, personal records can be broken! WTG Brett. Oh, and ESPN should seriously change their name to something like, 'The We Love Brett Favre Channel and Shall Discuss Only Events Involving The Great One, Oh, Yay, We Kneel Before You Oh How We Love Brett Farve.'

CINCI v CLE – Yeah baby! It was a little ugly in the beginning and even I was thinking about Master Quinn. DA really pulled it together and played with confidence in the second half. I wanted to bitch slap Braylon Edwards' first two mistakes, but then he redeemed himself with a successful running play. I think the fact that Fitzpatrick played like a, well, a second string quarterback helped with the Cleveland victory. But I'll take it! If anyone is looking for a Christmas present for me… I would like this… (LG takes an LG)

Also, If anyone could figure out a way I could also have Allyssa's body, I would appreciate that as well….

JACK v HOU – A close one, but JACK won, whew!

TB v GB – Oh yeah! Jonnie baby came through for me! Of course Rodger's shoulder helped…

Now you're just making me blush. Seriously Jon… 'call me'…

CARO v ATL – I didn't see a minute of this game, but I know CARO won. Yeah!

TN v MN - Correct! Does TN have a shot this year? I'll have to pay attention….

DEN v KC – Wha happen? This was a big, big upset! Only the die-hardest fans would have taken KC. Hm! Rats!

NO v SF - Good call by LG.

OAK v SD - Whatdoyaknow? SD won. I think I heard this morning that the coach may be joining the STL coach in the pogey line.

BUF v STL - I was a little concerned when I saw the initial scores coming in, but BUF came through.

DAL v WASH - Rats! Ugh! This was my winner pick for the other pool! Seriously! Maybe Romo was worried that Terry Bradshaw is in love with him and that caused more of a mental distraction than Jessica… I don't know. Ugh! 

CHI v PHI – Okay. CHI now tops my list of the Pick I Hate To Make. I can't believe that PHI lost.

PITS v BALT – I'm sad to say that I called this one right and PITS won in overtime. It hurts William as he had a very confident side bet with a co-worker and lost the weekly Riverside pool ($100 in my pocket… I mean Billy's pocket…). We watched the highlights this morning and Billy was like, 'Yes! Oh, no! Oh my God! Are you Serious? Yes! Oh, that's not good! It's game over now! Ugh! 

What will week 5 bring? Billy is attending the DET v CHI game, so I'll be at home again with the pooch watching the games, although it is Cleveland's bye week…  

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