Week 3 in review

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I'm trying to concentrate at the task at hand and let my pure anger (okay, that's a little strong, let's instead say 'absolute annoyance') fade… you know what I'm talking about!

Here how's week 3 turned out (yes, I know the Monday Night game has not been played yet…) I didn't see much football yesterday, as I was at a friends' house watching the Ryder Cup. At home, the Country Cable wasn't showing channel 19 in Cleveland very well, so I had to watch PHI v PITS, and I was reminded how I much I can't stand Ben Roethlisl;gjasng.

TN v HOU – Yeah!

WASH v ARI – You are correct sir!

MIN v CAR – Wha? Huh? Man I was way wrong on this one. So many teams this year seem to so inconsistent!

ATL v KC – Woo Hoo

NE v MIA – Upset for the ages! I remember late in regular season last year, Miami came very close to beating the Pats, (albeit with the alien Tom Brady). I'm super happy for Miami, and the high-lights were good. William was exceptionally pleased. I fear soon I shall see a reappearance of Miami apparel. Oh yes, he has some. 97% of Yahoo Fantasy players also got that one wrong.

BUF v OAK -  Thank God BUF won! Whew! That was my pick in the Winner's Pool

NYG v CINCI – Yeah baby! Hopefully Cinci is worn down and the BROWNS can kick their ass next week.  

DEN v NO – Close one, but I got it right! 

SF v DET – Of course DET lost. Sports radio will be quite predictable this week…'Fire Millen, total revamp, best thing about the Lions is the cheerleaders (uh, there aren't any), etc…. 

SEA v STL: Correct, another point for LG.

INDY v JACK: Wha? Wha happen? Indy fans are going to be pissed at that upset. Only 15% of Yahoo players called that one.  

CHI v TB - Chicago what is your problem? I thought I was hearing good things about this team this year! WTF? Although this probably made Jonnie Baby very happy. And when Jon is happy I'm happy….


(The top of my head isn't really that flat btw…) anyways…  

BALT v CLE: RATS! MAN! JEEZ! I only saw bits of this game, and when I (cough, cough) feel asleep I missed what happened, next thing I know – a blow out! I noticed a couple of interceptions… I shall attempt to get Cleveland radio on pute to find out what the fans and pros are saying… 

PHI v PITS – At least PITS lost! Thank God! 

GB v DAL – Whew! I thought DAL was at home. If I knew that it was in GB I would have taken the Packers… Good thing I don't pay attention!

SD v NYJ – Tonight's game… I took the underdog Jets… we'll see!

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3 thoughts on “Week 3 in review

    Picklez said:
    September 22, 2008 at 3:30 pm

    I didn't do too well either. I picked GB over DAL. I'm probably going to lose tonight as I picked NYJ over SD. Blargh!
    I don't think I'll be picking HOU again. CHI is on my list of "losers" too. IND just made my, "No longer a sure thing" list as did NE.
    The one positive about the upcoming Week 4 is I finally get to pick the Browns to win. The Bengals and old "Oucho Stinko" (Thanks, Chris Berman) are favored to win, but I think that positive thinking from me might be what they need to succeed.
    I think Ben Rothlesblaarrghhhrrr's star is waning. He hasn't been the same since he stupidly got on his crotch rocket without a helmet and slammed into someone. He's never quite recovered from that injury. Plus, he was sacked 8 times. EIGHT!

    LG said:
    September 23, 2008 at 9:02 am

    I totally agree with IND and NE no longer 'sure things', and CHI is now on my hit list.
    I think that your vibes may be exactly what the Browns need.
    I was pretty darned happy about the sacks on Ben R. I can't stand him. When he argued that he wasn't down in the end zone I wanted to throw things. He has a bad attitude – perhaps injury related, or just plain ego.

    Picklez said:
    September 23, 2008 at 11:11 am

    This may be Ben's last season with PIT if his performance doesn't improve. A lot of it is a difference in coaching. Don't get me wrong, I like their current coach (the guy looks like the actor Omar Epps), but I think Cower's style got through Ben's thick skull a little more.

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