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We got back from Cleveland yesterday afternoon, and it was simply an awesome trip.

We had a great dinner at the Cleveland Chophouse. I enjoyed stealing sips of Billy's Bohemian Pilsner… yummy…

We (okay, more me) discovered the pure joy of the Team Shop where there was everything and anything Cleveland Browns – oh yeah! I got a new t shirt, some gloves, a football, a mug, and a sweet new hat. I felt like I was in heaven.

I don't know why I wanted William to take this pic of me… perhaps I have a unconscious desire to get close to John Madden…

We have fun just walking around Cleveland at night. It is such a pretty downtown…

I also realized after walking the extensive Muni Lots that I am hardly a fan in comparison to some people. Wow those tailgater's go all out…




The weather was absolutely perfect on Saturday and most of Sunday and we walked all over…

We hung out a one bar, where the service was terrible, but the food delicious. They had a kitchen issue which caused the screeching smoke/fire alarms to go off… we couldn't take it anymore and ventured to the Blind Pig and Dive Bar (quite the fun place)…

There was several annoying Steelers fans…. travelling in packs. One guy did a little dance for about 2 minutes incorporating everything from the Running Man to the Sprinkler. I nearly fell off my chair laughing, and I was glad he wasn't wearing a Browns jersey! We met people from Cinci who HATED Cinci. They were so happy that TN won…

While walking to the stadium on Sunday evening we were seriously worried about rain and wind, as the sky looked threatening, but luckily my little rant about The Laughing God must have been noted, because we didn't much more than a sprinkle.

There were A LOT of Steelers fans. A lot of chicks wearing Ben Roethlaskjdhaskjfhg jerseys walking with their sensible Browns' boyfriends… Then there are these guys… "Dude, my mom totally sewed ears on little skully Browns' helmets… if we all wear them we probably won't get our asses kicked…" Surely the butt of some Steelers' jokes, but I thought they were cute!

Oh, and Cleveland lost.

It was pretty ugly at times, but I've seen worse football. The Steelers didn't play that great either. We have so much fun at the Stadium I could barely focus on the game. In general my picks again this weeks totally sucked, and I'll review them later…

Our seats had our backs to Lake Erie with the tunnel to the concourse effectively catching the occasional 65 mph wind gust. You have no idea how much we laughed at flying beer cans, cheesy nachos, (one of mine totally hit this one lady in the back of the neck) and hats. One hammered fan kept getting pinged by empties raging through the tunnel and he took it personally… the wind made this tradition pretty entertaining!

 I snapped this pick of Ben Roethlishogshgo…

Okay, actually I stole that pic from The Savage Dawgs… 

We were so lucky weather wise, the wind was whipping in and I think the other side of the Stadium was pretty drenched… It was awesome.

We had such a great time! I love the Browns, and Cleveland and I can't wait to go back. If I won the lottery I would buy season tickets and a sweet camper for tailgating… you know it!

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One thought on “Back

    maura_ea said:
    September 17, 2008 at 11:20 am

    It looks like you had such fun! Plus, you look über cute in the first photo 😛

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